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Deck Railing

Shop Viewrail for your modern deck railing system. Whether you choose cable, glass, or rod railing, each system contains minimalistic design features with different benefits for your deck project. Help decide what’s the best deck railing is for you!

Cable deck railing is an affordable option, ideal for large projects. Our cables are made from the highest quality metal. They’ll hold up against ocean spray or harsh environmental conditions. Signature rod railing looks great on curved decks or balconies. The rods can bend around a radius, and they’re simple to install for the DIY homeowner.

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Cable Railing for Outdoor Deck

Deck Prep, Stain, & Revitalizing

Does your old wooden deck need to be restored? Then, look no further for a comprehensive guide to the deck preparation and staining process. Staining your wood deck can seem like a tricky process, so our goal is to help streamline the process and remove confusion. Although we’re not strictly a decking company, we know that decking comes before deck railing and we want to help you through your whole project!

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Cable Railing for Outdoor Deck

Deck Railing Installation

Worried about installing a deck railing system for the first time? Not to worry Deck Railing Installation is our expertise. With a library of resources to help you every step along the way, we cover both surface mount railing and side mount railing options. Also, learn about inspecting your blocking or installing the proper blocking for your deck. Or If you have a question on installation, we have the question, it’s great for inquiries into products and installing products you already own!

How to Install Deck Railing
Deck Glass Railing

Deck Maintenance

If you’re not sure how often to clean your deck or what it might take, check out this page covering the basics of maintaining your deck. A wood deck takes a little maintenance to keep in prime condition but some are unaware what they can do to keep it looking great. Depending on the deck railing maintenance can range from simple to more complex. We’ll try and cover all your questions for maintaining your deck, so keep your deck safe and clean today!

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Popular Deck Railing Products

Cable Railing

Close Up Cable Posts Florida

Cable deck railing is an ideal choice for the DIY homeowner. Affordable and high-quality, cables are made from the highest quality stainless steel. They won’t corrode or rust over time. Go Express cable railing for the premiere diy cable railing option. They’re simple to install, and all the components and hardware hide away inside the posts for a sleek look.

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Cable Railing with DriveTite Surface

DriveTite cable railing kit for wood posts hides cable wire and components inside the cylindrical covers, for the cleanest possible look. Easy to install, it mounts to the surface of your posts. This is our simplest cable system to install, and requires little to no technical installation skill. Bring the simplicity of cable railing to your wooden post system with DriveTite.

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Rod Railing

Rod railing with aluminum posts

Rods are quickly becoming a popular choice in stainless steel deck railing. Just like cable, rods are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions — and they won’t sag over time. Instead, they install quickly and simply.

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Glass Railing

Glass deck railing is the ultimate minimalistic system. Five unique mounting systems allow you the flexibility to customize your glass. We manufacture all our glass panels in-house, so you can rest assured that they are safe, secure, and will arrive on time.

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Recent Deck Railing Projects

CJ’s Express Install

Follow along with CJ as he restores his deck and installs an express cable railing system. He begins his project with an old wood deck, aged with mildew and lost stain. See the entire process of restoration with videos from: deck cleaning and power washing, preparation, staining, & railing installation. For more information about this project ask us your questions, or if you’re interested in an express cable railing system contact us today!

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