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With strength and simplicity, this modern stainless steel wiring takes your home or deck to the next level. Viewrail’s industry-leading cable railing posts are made from premium grades of stainless steel and aluminum and are custom fabricated for your project. Best of all, our tensioning components are hidden within the post, keeping the main thing your view of the horizon. Shop Cable Railing Systems Today!

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Express Cable Railing

42″ Posts Now Available!

Do it yourself with our Express Cable System! We are now selling 42″ posts and all posts now come with all hardware. Express systems also ship quickly to you, so you can get a quick start on your project.

With detailed PDF and video instructions, your DIY project has never been easier. Click through to read more about our Express system or get started right away by shopping.

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10 Year Finish Warranty

Here at Viewrail, we take pride in providing a durable finish that will look amazing for years and years. Our experts have dedicated their time to perfecting our process and testing to ensure the finish’s longevity.

When using a 2205 Stainless Steel or Fluoropolymer Powder Coat, we are happy to provide our customers with a limited warranty on their finish up for up to 10 years! Most companies shy away from offering. However, we are confident our Fluoropolymer Powder Coat and our 2205 Brushed Stainless Steel will withstand any extreme climate.

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Cable Railing System Reviews
White Exterior Cable Railing Overlooking Pond
Learn About Cable Railing
Cable Railing Systems for Decks

When you’re looking for deck railing, you want a system that will keep your views open. Whether you live on a lake, or in front of a beautiful mountain view — or if you simply want to be able to see your own backyard — no one wants bulky posts cluttering their view.

Cable Railing Systems For Decks
How Much Does Cable Railing Cost?

A whole cable railing system, including posts, handrail, cable, and hardware, costs about $75-$220 per linear foot. The price of cable railing will vary greatly depending on what type of material you use, whether you use wood or metal posts, and the number of corners and runs of cable you need.

How Much Does Cable Railing Cost
How Do I Install Cable Railing?

To install cable railing, secure your posts at the proper spacing and run your cable from the end posts through intermediate posts and to the terminal end post. Then, tension the cable to minimize deflection. Repeat these steps for each line of cable. For More information check our cable railing installation page.

How To Install Cable Railing
Cable Railing Parts Guide

Designed for the DIY homeowner, cable railing is a power player in the horizontal railing industry. With simple components and clearly labeled hardware, cable railing is ideal for indoor or outdoor projects. You can even order the system in stainless steel for coastal applications. Looking for more information, find answers to what is cable railing and more!

Cable Railing Parts Guide
What Can I Expect From Viewrail Cable Railing Systems?

With Viewrail, you can expect stunning design & simple installation. Choose to work with a cable rail design lead, or you can buy everything online! Then, Product is shipped directly to you. With Viewrail we give you the power to install the cable railing system yourself. Get started with cable railing kit for wood posts?

Black Powder Coated railing system

Cable Railings For Decks & Balconies

A modern guardrail system, cable railing is perfectly suited to wrap around your outdoor decking spaces — without ever blocking your view of the horizon. Sleek and horizontal, cable wires are made from stainless steel. The entire system is completely code compliant. It holds up to outdoor elements such as corrosion, rust, or harsh weather. Plus, it’s an affordable option for homeowners with decks. For more information on the product check out the cable railing parts guide or how our cable railing system for decks works.
 wood posts with handrail

The Best Guardrail for your home

Railing for decks is built to meet and exceed code requirements — because safety is our top priority. Each sturdy post is designed with special hardware that hides inside the post, staying invisible while tensioning wires of cable. The posts can be special-ordered to mount into many different surfaces, including wood, concrete, Trex decking, and more. This stainless steel system holds up completely to all stair railing code guidelines, including the 4-inch sphere rule, handrail & guardrail height requirements, and load requirements. For more on cable railing code.

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