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Simpler, safer, better cable railing, made just for you

All-in-one systems, not mix-n-match parts
Certified by the International Code Council
No bulky fasteners or exposed hardware
Fastest lead times in the industry
Engineered and fabricated in the USA

Which system is right for your project?

Express Components


The look you love, right off the shelf

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Certified by the International Code Council
  • Black powder coated, aluminum posts
  • 1/8” stainless steel cable
  • Black powder coated, aluminum handrail
  • DIY-friendly, easy to install
  • Ships in 2 business days or less

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Close Up of Onyx Rods


Completely customizable

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Certified by the International Code Council
  • Aluminum and stainless steel post options
  • Cable, Endurance Rod, or Onyx Rod infills
  • 18 wood or metal handrail options
  • 12 base powder coat colors
  • 7 post mounting styles

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Budget-friendly time saver

  • Drills into wood posts
  • 5/32” stainless steel cable
  • Installation toolkits available

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What you need to know when buying cable railing

There’s more to your cable railing system than the posts and wire. We’ve broken down everything you need to know in order to make the right decision for your next project.

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Bump Out Side Mount Cable Posts

The difference is in the details.

Pre-drilled posts
No onsite welding or fabrication
No exposed fasteners or hardware
Single-post transitions (corners & angled runs)
Installation guides and how-to videos
Installation kits available

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Real people really like our cable railing

Fantastic product and fantastic customer service. I am a DIY’er, and I just can’t believe I have created such a beautiful railing system in my own home. So glad I found you!

- Van H.

Ordered railing for three runs of our staircase. Crew at Viewrail was professional, helpful, and quick!

- Jeffery C.

Super company to work with. Great product and customer support.

- Steve

Viewrail helped us design a beautiful railing, even meeting with our contractor at a trade show where they both happened to be in town.

- Aaron D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cable railing safe?

When built to code, cable railing is a very safe option for railing. There are specific requirements for each aspect of the railing system, such as handrail height, the amount of pressure that the system must be able to withstand, and how far apart the posts must be spaced. In general, cable railing code requirements come from two different sources: The IRC (International Residential Code), and local, city, or state codes (for example: the California’s Guardrail Code)

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Does Viewrail cable railing meet code requirements?

Yes, all of our railing systems not only pass code, but far exceed most strength and safety requirements, including the 4” and 6” sphere rules, and all regulations for handrail or guardrail height. In fact, our post-to-post cable railing systems are certified by the International Code Council.

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How do I buy cable railing?

At Viewrail, you have three main options for buying cable railing. You can shop for Express cable railing, our most popular style and configuration (black metal posts, black metal handrail, cable infill). Since we always keep Express in stock, you can use the Express railing builder to find the parts you need and purchase them directly. They typically ship in 2 business days or less.

If you’re looking for something more custom, you can work with our designers to custom-engineer a Signature cable railing system for your style and space. This process takes a little longer, but you have much more control over the style, finishes, materials, price, and timeline of your project.

Though this is less common, you can also purchase our DriveTite cable kits, which enable you to drill cable wiring infill directly into new or existing wood posts.

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Is cable railing a good option for decks?

Yes! Cable railing is perfect for deck projects. Cable railing is highly durable and corrosion resistant, requires very little maintenance, easy to install. At Viewrail, we offer two different infill upgrades – Onyx rod infill and Endurance rod infill – to make your deck railing look even better and last even longer.

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Made in-house = more control

We make nearly every component of our cable railing systems in-house so you can have more control over the style, materials, finishes, price, and timeline of your project.

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Customize your infill

Cable Side Mount Speedboat


The best cable railing, just the way you want it.

  • Premium cable infill
  • Steel or aluminum posts
  • 50+ finish options
  • 16 handrail types
  • 7 post mounting styles

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Close Up of Onyx Rods


The ultimate modern infill, powder coated matte black.

  • 1/4″ stainless steel rod infill
  • Standard or Endurance
  • Steel or aluminum posts
  • Matte black powder coat
  • 50+ finish options
  • 16 handrail types
  • 7 post mounting styles

Explore Onyx


Withstands harsh environments while keeping a low profile.

  • Approved for coastal use
  • 1/4″ stainless steel rod infill
  • No re-tensioning required
  • Rust-repellent components
  • 10-yr finish limited warranty
  • Steel or aluminum posts
  • 50+ finish options
  • 16 handrail types
  • 7 post mounting styles

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Low on time? Limited budget? Buy our premium cable railing right off the shelf. (Limited design and material options)

Explore Express

Take advantage of our nationwide network of certified installers.

Fast, Safe, Hassle-Free Installation

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Featured among the finest in custom home building

Bump Out Side Mount Cable Posts

What makes our cable railing the best?

Nearly every part made in-house
More style and material options
10-year limited warranty on finishes
Fastest lead times in the industry
All-in-one systems, not mix-n-match parts
Expert installation available nationwide
Certified by the International Code Council
Custom designed and engineered for your space

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Bold & Bright: LED Handrails

LED-enhanced, Quick Slide handrails are now available for both interior and exterior projects.

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ICC Certified = Safer & more Efficient

  • Most rigorous, comprehensive certification
  • Covers Express and select Signature cable systems
  • Certification speeds up code inspection and permit process

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Railing kits for wood posts

Looking to give your new or existing wood posts a modern upgrade? We’ve got you covered.

DIY-friendly design
Hidden hardware for a minimal look
Cable, Onyx, or Endurance infill options
Ships next day
Rod Railing Hero Image

Endurance Rod Infill

Harsh weather is no match for Endurance rod infill. These slim, 1/4” stainless steel rods look like cable, but their smooth, strong composition is non-corrosive and easier to maintain. Unlike traditional cable, Endurance rod infill is:

Approved to use on the coast
Warrantied for 10 years on finishes*
Easier to maintain, no re-tensioning required

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Viewrail Express Cable Railing


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to create their dream space.

Express makes it possible to buy our most popular cable railing configuration right off the shelf. By opting out of the custom design process, you can get our premium quality product at a lower price and with same- or next-day shipping.

Finish, material, and mounting options are limited, but Express is designed to look great in most modern-style homes.

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Kentucky Onyx 2


When we finished building the best looking modern railing on the market, there was only one way to make it better:

make it in black.

Upgrade your infill with black powder-coated rods to capture that striking, modern design you’ve been looking for.

(Available in Endurance and standard materials.)

Explore Onyx

Viewrail Durability Guarantee

Viewrail products are built to last, and backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry.

10 year structural warranty | 5 or 10 year finish warranty*

Read the Full Warranty

*Applies to all products that are installed by a Viewrail installation technician.

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