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Glass railing has never been safer,
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Viewrail empowers you to turn your design vision into reality with glass railing. We work collaboratively with you through the design process, showing you 3D renderings of your project. And when it comes to fabrication, we supply both the hardware and the glass panels, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

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Glass Railing

Viewrail is here to empower you to turn your design vision into reality with glass railing. We work collaboratively with you through the design process, showing you 3D renderings of your project. And when it comes to fabrication, we supply both the hardware and the glass panels, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

Now Available: Glass Wind Walls

Strong, clear barriers that block the wind, not the view. Safe, stylish, and easy to maintain, Viewrail glass wind walls are custom engineered for your project. Perfect for outdoor spaces.

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Why Glass?

Traditional railing options can close off space, making it appear smaller and claustraphobic. But glass railing from Viewrail will open up your space, giving you clear, bright, gorgeous views. It’s the ultimate modern railing option.

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How It Works

Buying a glass panel railing all begins with one thing: your vision. You may have an exact drawing of the look you want for your glass railing or you might need some suggestions. Send us your sketches, plans, or pictures, and we will work with you to provide both a 2D & 3D rendering of your project, and a pricing estimate. You will also have an in-depth meeting with one of our glass experts to review your design. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple the project is, our designers will be happy to show you options and assist you to make informed decisions for your project.

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Once you’ve decided on a design and would like to proceed with the project, Viewrail will send you to-scale templates designed to be mounted temporarily in place on site. When mounted, you will be able to accurately measure the necessary runs to the exact inch. Those measurements are then sent back to Viewrail to review and confirm. Once confirmed, the project can move forward into our engineering department.

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After the design is finalized and we’ve recieved the measurements necessary, our team of engineers will go to work. The layout drawing our engineers create acts like a blueprint, providing details where all of your mounting structures (posts, glass pins, baserail, talon spigots, etc.) and glass panels will be installed in the given environment. Occasionally, there will be some back and forth during this stage, and you can help expedite the process through quick responses and clear communication with your project coordinator. Once you confirm that the engineering drawings match your project, engineering is complete and you’ll move into fabrication.

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This stage is where everything gets manufactured. There’s nothing for you to do during this time except continue prepping your job site. Your project coordinator will be able to help you understand what you can do to be ready to receive and install your glass railing. They can be in regular contact with you during this stage to provide you updates on production schedules and let you know of any speed ups or delays.

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Your glass panels will arrive on the jobsite in a horizontal shipping crate. The packaging is designed to minimize any movement of the glass panels during shipping, reducing the chance of cracks or breaks. Further, each glass panel will have a number that corresponds with the numbers on your layout drawings. There may be accompanying skids or boxes with the structural supports for the glass panels as well.

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All of your mounting hardware will be individually packaged with a number that corresponds to your layout drawing, just like the glass panels. This dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for organizing materials on the job site and lets you jump into the installation much quicker. Installation instructions will be sent with your order. Each mounting system has slightly different installation instructions, but a good rule of thumb is to budget 1 person hour for each glass panel on your order. So if you have a team of 3 people installing a project with 15 glass panels, it should take about 5 hours total.

That’s it!

Congratulations! Once you’ve made it here, your glass railing will be fully installed and you’ll be living with the beautiful views that glass creates.

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Viewrail Glass Panels

Viewrail provides Low Iron (Starphire) tempered glass with in-house engineering and production. Due to the customization of these panels to fit your project’s specific orders, please call or submit a quote form to work with one of our glass railing experts.

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We Design, Fabricate, & Deliver

What Glass Services Can I Expect from Viewrail?

Viewrail will Design, Fabricate, and Deliver your entire glass railing system. With state of the art technology and innovation, Viewrail can be your “one stop shop” for glass railing. Our expert engineers will work with you to design a custom glass system for your balcony, stairway, pool, or anywhere else. Viewrail then fabricates the glass panels with low-iron starphire glass and delivers directly to your door.

Learn About Glass Railing
How Do I Buy Viewrail Glass Railing?

Glass railing can be tricky, but we have narrowed it down to to 5 steps: Visualization, Engineering, Fabrication, Receiving & Installation, and Living. We’ll go over everything you need to know about buying your own glass railing system and getting maximum value from it.

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How Much Does Glass Railing Cost?

The average price of a glass railing system ranges anywhere from $165-560 per linear foot —the price varies depending on the type of glass system you choose. Although glass railing can be pricey up front, it often may be less expensive than other railing types in the long run. This is because it’s easy to maintain, extremely durable, and lasts for years.

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What About Maintenance for My Glass Railing?

Our glass railing post system is a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings. Adding glass railing to your project can give it that extra bit of zest to set it apart. But everyone wants to know about two things with glass railing: safety and maintenance. Find answers to questions like “What is the difference between tempered and laminate glass?

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Can I Put Glass Railing on My Deck?

Viewrail glass railing is perfect for decks! From our base rail system to our classic post system, glass deck railing is within your reach. Get the clear views today, or gather inspiration for your deck railing with these projects: Glass railing for scenic deck & lakeview home glass deck railing.

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