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This glass panel railing system is made up of glass panels and talon spigot clamps. Talons come in a surface mount configuration. You will need to use at least two talons for every 4’ glass panel. Each one weighs about 6 pounds and measures 7” from bottom to top.

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Systems Comparison

Surface Mount Talon Spigots Side Mount Talon Spigots
2 Spigots Clamps Per Glass Panel 2 Spigot Clamps Per Glass Panel
Attaches to the Flat Surface Of Your Deck or Balcony Attaches to the Fascia Board of Your Deck or Balcony
Available With Cap Rail or Handrail Available with Cap Rail or Handrail
Installs Into Wood Or Concrete Installs Into Wood Or Concrete
Wood Handrail Options in 10+ Species Wood Handrail Options in 10+ Species
Shop Surface Mount Talon Spigots Shop Side Mount Talon Spigots

Product Information

Glass talon spigots are an easy-to-install, versatile glass panel railing system. Talons are offered in two different configurations: side mount and surface mount. Whether you choose side mount or surface mount talon spigots, you will need to use at least two talons for every 4’ glass panel. Each one weighs about 6 pounds and is 7” high. The surface mount talon spigot is a clamp that has four holes in its base plate that is simple to screw into the surface of your project. The surface mount clamps the glass from both sides—there is no need for pre-drilled holes, which also makes the surface mount talon spigot a cost-effective option. Both spigots are made of marine-grade 2205 duplex stainless steel and utilize tilt lock technology to keep the glass clamped safely in place. Tilt lock is an innovative technology that greatly helps with the installation of your glass panels. Usually, when you install a glass panel railing system, you not only have to align the glass horizontally with each other, but vertically as well. Tilt lock takes the human error out of this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tilt-lock technology?
Viewrail’s exclusive Tilt-Lock Technology is an innovative, safe way to mount glass panels onto decks or uneven surfaces, while still keeping them locked securely in position.
How much weight do the talons support?
Two Talon Spigots can support a single 4ft glass panel.
Is this the only frameless railing option?
We offer three different frameless glass railing options: Talon Spigots, Standoff Pins, and Baserail.
How do you install this glass panel railing system?
Viewrail Talon Spigots can easily be installed by two people, using only a handful of tools. Simply attach the Spigot to the mounting surface with a lag screw, slide the foot cover over the body of the spigot, and set each glass panel into place. Finally, use the allen screws to gently secure the panel. For more detailed instructions and installation tips, check out our Install Guide. *Please note that installation varies slightly depending on whether your Spigots are surface-mounted or side-mounted.
Do I need to pre-drill with this system?
No, Talon Spigots do not require pre-drilling.
Are side mounts available?
Yes! Talon Spigots are available in both surface-mounted, and side-mounted variations.
What is 2205 Stainless Steel?
2205 Stainless Steel is a metal alloy that is highly corrosion resistant. It is the most durable, longest lasting, and safest metal to use in coastal environments. Click here to learn more about why 2205 Stainless Steel has become the new “gold standard” in the railing industry.

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