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DriveTite Cable Railing System

Do you want to fasten a sleek DIY wood cable railing system to your existing posts? Look no further than DriveTite. Simple to use, these kits come in Level and Angle options for wood. Pair them with cable and our install kit, and that’s all you need to tension cable to your wood posts without replacing them. DriveTite hides the cable wire and components inside the cylindrical covers, for the cleanest possible look. Easy to install, it mounts to the surface of your posts. This is our simplest cable system to install, and requires little to no technical installation skill. Bring the simplicity of cable railing to your wooden post system with DriveTite.

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Product Information

The cable railing components for wood are crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for lasting beauty and strength. We recommend putting a cable every 3 1/8″, we’ve found that this spacing (when combined with an intermediate post placed every 4 feet), allows for minimal cable deflection, so that you stay within the common 4″ sphere rule for code (more on cable railing code). If your overall wood post system height is 36″ tall, typically a 10 pack for each post is required (depending on your handrail setup, it might be less). For 39″ systems purchase a 11 pack, and for 42″ systems purchase a 12 pack.
Product Function Available In:
5/32″ Cable Wire Railing Infill 100/400 ft. Roll
DriveTite Kit For Wood Posts & Cable Wire 4-20 Feet
Level Tension Cable Kit Kit For Level Runs of Cable 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Angle Tension Cable Kit Kit For Angled Runs of Cable 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Cable Installation Kit For Installing The Cable Hardware 1 Kit Per System

Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do These Cable Railing Components Work For Any Posts?
DriveTite works exclusively with any wood post. You will be able to attach any cable wiring directly to a wood post & give it a sleek look!
What Tools Do I Need To Install Wood Cable Railing?
For the DriveTite Cable Kits you’ll need a DriveTite installation kit and 5/32 cable railing wire.You can learn how to install cable railing for wood posts too if you’re interested.
When Do I Need An Intermediate Post?
You’ll need an intermediate post when your post spacing is greater than 4 feet apart. Intermediate posts aren’t post substitutes, but can help maintain tension accross sections between 4 ft. and 8 ft.
What Are Drivetite Components Made Of?
Our Drivetite components are made of 316 stainless steel. This is one of the best stainless steels for corrosion resistance. Such a corrosion resistant material means that our components can withstand the outdoor elements with ease making it perfect for wood cable railing systems.

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