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Endurance Rod Infill

Looks like cable, designed for durability

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Anything cable can do, rods can do better

Here are just a few unique benefits of Endurance Rod infill:

Recommended within
10 miles of salt water
Can be bent for
rounded areas
1/4” rods look
like smooth cable
Installs twice as
fast as cable
Less re-tensioning,
easier to maintain
Fashion Gray Exterior FLIGHT Endurance Treads, Rods

Indoor style, outdoor strength

Groove-less, stainless steel rods are rust-resistant
10-year limited warranty on powder coat finish
Certified by the International Code Council
Bends and creases are easy to fix

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Countless combinations, endless opportunity


Finish Options


Handrail Types


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Spot the Difference

Endurance rod infill has the same, minimalist look as cable, but is built for harsher environments and unique applications.

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Thoughtfully designed to the last detail

Turn corners
with a single post
No bulky fasteners
or visible hardware
handrail upgrades
Seamless transition from
level to angled runs
Pre-drilled holes,
no on-site fabrication

Bold & Bright: LED Handrails

Light up your handrail with dimmable, dotless LED under-lighting.

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  • Fashion Gray Exterior FLIGHT Endurance Treads, Rods-2021_00004
  • 2205 SS and Rods
  • Floating Stairs Rod Railing
  • Rod Railing for Curved Stairs
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  • Rod railing with aluminum posts
  • Close Up of Rod Railing
  • Fashion Gray Exterior FLIGHT Endurance Treads, Rods-2021_00004
  • 2205 SS and Rods
  • Floating Stairs Rod Railing
  • Rod Railing for Curved Stairs
  • Outdoor Rod Railing
  • Rod railing with aluminum posts
  • Close Up of Rod Railing

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What is Endurance Rod Infill?
Endurance Rod Infill is our patented alternative to modern cable wire. This innovative railing infill solution is similar in style, profile, and aesthetic as cable infill, but has distinct advantages over cable. After years in the cable railing industry, we took everything we learned and sought to make a brand new, improved infill option that had all the benefits of cable without any of the weaknesses. And that’s why we invented hollow, stainless steel rods to replace cable infill. Our Endurance Rod infill will not sag over time, it maintains its tension and spring, and can be bent to turn a radius. It is made from stainless steel, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our rods are made from 2205 Stainless Steel, ensuring that the smooth surface leaves no point of weakness for corrosion or rust, meaning that this railing option will last a lifetime no matter the location. Finally, our rod railing process is our easiest system to install, cutting install time in half when compared to comparable cable railing projects. Best of all, it clocks in at the same price point as cable. Additionally, our deck and stair railing kits are corrosion resistant. This ensures that the most important parts of the system will never wear out or breakdown unexpectedly.
What is the Cost Difference?
Our Endurance Rod infill cost roughly the same price as our cable infill at the system level. A full railing system, including posts, metal or wood handrail, rod infill, hardware, and components costs about $175-$250 per linear foot. The cost of your deck or stair railing will vary greatly depending on which post material you choose, the number of corners your project has, and the length of your handrail runs. Visit our cable railing pricing page to learn more about different material costs.
How Do I Install Endurance Rod Infill?
Endurance Rod infill follows the same basic concepts as our modern cable railing system. Watch our video guide on rod infill installation below. Watch Video
How Are Endurance Rods Different From Cable Wire?
Two infills—rod and cable wire—have emerged in the metal railing landscape. With sleek lines and hidden hardware, they’re shifting the landscape of modern and contemporary design. Both infills are made of durable stainless steel materials and use stainless steel componentry. Despite these similarities, there are big differences between rod and cable railing when it comes to things: ease of installation, corrosion resistance, long-term maintenance, and curved applications. Read More

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