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Cable DriveTite Kit

Cable DriveTite Kit


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Installation Guide

DriveTite Installation - Cable Railing Kits for Wood Posts


DriveTite kits were designed to allow anyone to install cable railing into a wood post with the least amount of effort. This makes it one of our most popular products. Often wood posts or a framed structure already exist within a house or on a deck. DriveTite was created to use these wood post structures. Leave demolition and remodeling in the past, and use our cable railing kit for wood post system with ease today!

The DriveTite Kit contains everything you need to be able to tension cable into a wood post on a level or angled run. There is a Wood Level Cable Kit designed for a very easy, DIY friendly installation. You can utilize pre-existing wood posts, completely new wood posts, or a framed wall.

Each Level Kit (1 pack) includes:

1 – Receiver Screw
1 – Threaded Crimp Fitting
1 – DriveTite Turn Buckle
1 – DriveTite Receiver
1 – DriveTite Cover

Each Angle Kit (1 pack) includes:

1 – Cable Threaded Crimp Fitting
1 – DriveTite Angle Mount
1 – DriveTite Angle Receiver
1 – DriveTite Angle Set Screw
1 – DriveTite Receiver Screw
1 – DriveTite Turn Buckle
1 – DriveTite Cover

*Make sure to purchase the Cable Installation Kit, DriveTite Wrench, and T-25 Bit*

These components are crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for lasting beauty and strength. We recommend putting a cable every 3 1/8″. We’ve found that this spacing (when combined with an intermediate post placed every 4 feet) allows you to pass code requirements. If your overall system height is 36″ tall, typically a 10 pack for each post is required, and for 42″ systems purchase a 12 pack.

*The Lock Washer was retired with an update to adding a knurled end on the receiver which will prevent the receiver from spinning when the system is tensioned

*You will need to purchase a kit for the other end of your cable”