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Express is a no-frills cable railing system designed for the DIYer or contractor looking for a quick and easy installation. While it is our most budget friendly railing system, the finished product still makes the neighbors say WOW! With only 5 post types, it’s never been easier to buy a DIY cable railing system. Each post is priced as a bundle with all the hardware included. No more having to search and add individual hardware kits. DIY projects have never been easier!

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Express System Hardware

Posts Overview

Follow along with CJ as he outlines the post types for the Viewrail Express system. Also, read and shop these posts below as well. Follow us on YouTube for other videos about Express and other Viewrail products.

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End Posts

These post bundles are needed anywhere there is a “stop” or “start” in your cable project on a level surface, corners excluded. Typically these are on the very far ends of any cable run. Fully kitted and pre-drilled on two sides (if level run), these will tension your cables.

For angled runs, these are only drilled on one side of the post. The other side is left to be drilled on site using our Drill Guide. This will make sure that your cables line up perfectly with your staircase.

Corner Posts

Why do I need to double post a level corner? Our thoughts exactly. Use one of our single Corner Post bundles wherever there is a 90 degree turn on a level surface. Fully kitted and pre-drilled on four sides, these will start and stop your cable on a turn, all while making the cable look continuous.

Line Posts

Spaced no further than 4’ apart, these intermediate posts allow cable to simply pass through the posts to help with cable rigidity and system stability. Pre-drilled on two sides, these are used anytime there is a gap between level posts greater than 4’.

Add line posts to your run so you don’t have larger than a 4′ gap between posts.

Handrail & Cable

To complete the look, we use a matching aluminum handrail. Sent in 8’ 6” lengths, these handrail can be easily trimmed down or added together to work with any length of run. Using our 4’ post spacing rule, one handrail is needed for every 2 gaps (8’).

For our cable, we use nothing but the best 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel cable available in spools of 100’ or 400’. Combine these to have enough cable for any project. With every 36” tall cable system there are 10 runs of cable. If I had a series of 17’, 10’ and 17’ runs on my deck I would have a total of 44’ of railing. At 36”, I would multiply 44’ x 10 runs of cable to get 440’. In this case I would buy one 400’ and one 100’ spool of cable (500’)

Install Kit

Designed to contain all the proprietary tools needed to install our Express system, our Installation Kit will keep installing a simple process. This is needed for any cable installation as it contains cable cutters, cable crimpers, and other tools that are included with DIY in mind, to make the process smooth.

Here is the answer to the problem of ensuring your cable runs perfectly parallel with your custom staircase: the Drill Guide. This piece of hardware makes drilling the perfect angle easy with specifically placed, pre-drilled holes and adjustable shims. Simply follow our instructional guide or videos, drill out your Angled Post holes, and you are ready to run the cable that is sure to be a perfect match.

Express Installation Videos

Express vs. Signature System Comparison

Express Signature
$ $$$
5 Standard Posts Ready For Your Project 50+ Post Types For Customizability, Unique Design, & More Complex Systems
Only Black Aluminum Finish Available Aluminum & Stainless Steel Metal Types & 10+ Powder Coat Options
No Wood Handrail Options Wood Handrail Options in 10+ Species
Handrail Available in 8′ 6″ Lengths Handrail Availale in Lengths Up to 20′
Pre-drilled level posts, & Drill Ready Angle Posts All Posts Are Pre-drilled

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