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With clean lines, uncompromising materials, and expert craftsmanship, your FLIGHT system will be the centerpiece of your home and leave every visitor speechless. Best of all, due to our scale of manufacturing and world-class automation, we can deliver FLIGHT floating stair systems more affordably than a local fabricator. Get in touch with us today and begin your FLIGHT journey, or learn more about floating stairs.

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With clean lines, uncompromising materials, and expert craftsmanship, your FLIGHT system will be the centerpiece of your home and leave every visitor speechless. Best of all, due to our scale of manufacturing and world-class automation, we can deliver FLIGHT floating stair systems more affordably than a local fabricator. Get in touch with us today and begin your FLIGHT journey, or learn more about floating stairs.

Step 1: Dream
Explore the near-infinite stair design possibilities available for your FLIGHT system. Our project gallery showcases the options you have to customize your stringer, treads, and railing.
Step 2: Design
straight stair stringer in modern home

Design Your System

Make your dream FLIGHT system a reality. Get in touch with our Design Team to get a personalized quote and start the process of engineering your new staircase.

With just approximate floor to floor measurements, we can get you pricing on the staircase needed for your home and space! Don’t worry about precision in this step right now, once the quote is complete, our team gathers the rest of the information needed.

Wood Finish Options

Stair Pricing Calculator

Price Your System

The price of your FLIGHT system will be determined by the overall size of the staircase you need, as well as the finish options you choose.

We have created an online pricing estimator you can use to get a general idea of how much a FLIGHT system will cost for your application, and you can see how different finish options affect your price.

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Step 3: Measurements & Engineering

In the early stages of the process, we will send a measurement technician to get a precise measurement of your space. During this session, our technician will be in communication with a Viewrail Engineer at our headquarters, troubleshooting problems and creating renders of the project in your space. In one appointment, you get exact measurements and a professional rendering of your future stair system.

If you opt not to use our measurement service, we’ll send you or your contractor a measurement kit and walk you through the process to measure the space and create detailed shop drawings.

Step 4: Stair Fabrication

After the shop drawings are approved, your FLIGHT system goes into production at our plant in Indiana. We have wood, metal, and glass fabrication facilities so we are able to manufacture every piece of your stair and railing.

The focus of our fabrication process is to make the installation process as simple as possible. The stringer is cut to the exact length you need. We route out the treads where the mounting bracket will go, and we even pre-drill holes in the treads in the exact location where the railing posts will go.

We are able to be so precise because we control the engineering process for the entire system, and it makes the installation process a simple assembly job.

Step 5: Installation

Installation can be daunting, but we have a professional team of install technicians available nation-wide. Once your stair system is fabricated, a Viewrail Installations team will travel to your home and install your system quickly. We know our product and have a swift process, so most projects can be completed in just a few days. Many FLIGHT systems are installed in as little as one day.

Working with Viewrail Installations keeps the process simple. You can sit back and relax while we handle the logistics. We’ll be done faster than any contractor.

It’s the fastest, safest, most hassle-free way to install your floating stair system.

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“I found Viewrail and a product that came out gorgeous, installed well, and is something I look forward to working with again.”

Lowell Smith

Modern Staircase Ideas More Testimonials

FLIGHT Stratus

Now available in straight configurations

Stratus is an exciting new addition to the Floating Stair industry. With sleek simplicity in mind, the system is supported on either side by thin steel stringers that blend into the background. Without the need of a larger mono-stringer underneath, the profile of the stair is significantly reduced without sacrificing any strength. Viewrail’s Low Iron glass is held to the expertly crafted thick treads with minimalistic Stand Off Pins, and provides the strongest railing with the cleanest view. Each system is carefully engineered and produced for a quick and easy installation.

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Learn About Viewrail Floating Staircases
What are Floating Stairs?

Floating staircases are designed to minimize or hide the supporting structure of the staircase. This gives impression that the stair treads are floating. Floating stairs are popular in open concept spaces. They remove visual obstructions and maximize living space. Viewrail is also considered a prefabricated stair, learn more about the prefabricated stair types

These mono stringer stairs are well-known for their design (what’s the difference between an open riser & a mono stringer?). They can be installed indoors or outdoors, for businesses or homes or remodels. They can be paired with several different types of railing and handrail options — often, they are installed with glass, cable, or rod railing. Many of these options come with components that can be hidden in the posts themselves: to enhance the illusion of floating.

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How much is a Floating Staircase?

Mono Stringer Floating Stairs typically cost somewhere between $5,000 and $30,000. This range is so extreme because the factors surrounding floating stairs are highly customizable and there are many finish options. It is possible to find cheaper options, but those options are limited to a single standard use and are a riskier choice. Viewrail Floating Stairs, on the other hand, start at $9,500 and give you a custom-designed, custom-engineered, and hand-crafted staircase that meets code and will last for years.

Floating stairs are purchased in a similar way as a car. When buying a car, the price will depend on the make, model, year, mileage, and trim package. When buying floating stairs, you’ll look at other details: your project’s floor-to-floor height, the number of turns your staircase will take, the type of wood species and stain color for your treads, and what type of railing you want all will influence the pricing.

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What is a Metal Stair Stringer?

The term “stringer” refers to the spine of a staircase. As the backbone of your stairs, the stringer is a critical element of any well-constructed staircase. A newer invention, the metal stair stringer has quickly become a renovation in stair design, appealing to contractors and DIY homeowners alike.

Traditionally, stringers were made from construction lumber and would be installed in threes: one stringer on each side of the stairway, and one in the center for support. Wide stairways required a few extra stringers for structural support. In these conventional stairways, the stringer was actually built inside the walls, hidden in drywall or paneling, where it became part of the structural membrane of the house.

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Floating Stairs Treads

Feel completely at ease on thick stair treads — crafted from high-quality hardwood that brings warmth and beauty to your floating system.

Our thick stair treads for floating stairs come in over 15 different wood species — including African Mahogany, Red Oak, IPE, and Brazilian Cherry — and they can be customized with a wide range of finishes.

They are built by cutting, planing, and gluing pieces of hardwoods together. Modern Stair Treads are available in thickness from 1.5” – 4” and widths of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”, though they can also be customized to your project’s needs. Because of the quality of wood, our thick treads can withstand a lifetime of wear.

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Modern Railing for Floating Stairs

Get secure with modern railing choices that anchor your floating stair system. Choose from cable railing systems, glass railing systems, or rod railing systems.

Rod Railing – Rods curve to transition up stairs or around corners, and they never sag over time.

Glass Railing – Creative standoff pin technology makes installation simple. Custom-order for outdoor, indoor, or coastal projects.

Cable Railing – Hidden components sit inside each post, so you never have exposed hardware.

Your railing system is a modern art installation. All posts are pre-drilled and shipped with your customizable components attached. Post heights available in 36”, 39”, or 42”.

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Flight 6

Get More out of your Room with our Floating Stairs Kit

Floating stairs make a stunning use of space. The sleek, soaring lines of the open riser are a hallmark of modern stair design, and they’ll make your room feel open and light. Custom-designed and built completely up to code, these single stringer stairs will last for years to come. Better yet, Viewrail floating stairs are among the most competitively priced on the market.

Each component of your Viewrail mono stringer staircase arrives at your jobsite labeled, packaged, and ready to be bolted together — like a floating stair kit. There’s no need to hire a welder on-site. The entire open riser system can be installed in a short amount of time, at a low cost, and with tons of customizable options.

Stair treads made to perfectly adorn your floating staircase

Custom built treads for stairs are the ideal way to complement your floating staircase. Each thick tread rests on a hidden tread bracket anchored to the single stair stringer — this makes each tread look like it is floating in mid-air. Choose from 15 different wood species and enjoy the clean, modern butcherblock finish that makes each tread unique.
floating stair tread bracket

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