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Installing a staircase can be stressful and time-consuming.
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Our Flagship Stair System

Open riser design
Mono stringer structure
Cable, rod, or glass railing
LED compatible treads + railings
Multiple configurations
Installation available

Explore FLIGHT Mono


Do A Double Take

Open riser design
Dual stringer structure
Cable, rod, or glass railing
LED compatible treads + railings
Multiple configurations
Installation available

Explore FLIGHT Duo

FLIGHT Cantilever

Minimalism to the Max

Open riser design
Vedera Glass Railing
No Visible Stringer
LED Compatible
Installation Available

Explore FLIGHT Cantilever



Make Their Heads Turn

Open riser design
Spiral Configuration
Helical Treads
Custom to your space
Installation available

Explore FLIGHT Spiral


Awe-Inspiring Artistry

Closed riser design
Dual stringer structure
Vedera glass railing
Hidden hardware
Multiple configurations
Installation available

Explore FLIGHT Stack

Countless Combinations. Endless Opportunity.

When you add up all of our tread types, infills, handrails, mounting options, wood species, stains, powder coats, configurations… well, you get the picture – the combinations are endless.

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Viewrail Earns First-Ever ICC Certification for Floating Stairs

  • First floating stair system in the United States to receive certification from the International Code Council (ICC)
  • Simplifies and speeds up permitting and inspecting process
  • Applies to our flagship floating stair system: FLIGHT Mono

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Matt Risinger Builds with Viewrail

“Viewrail checks all the boxes. Every time I’ve used them, their products have come out spectacularly, eliminating all the pain points I’ve experienced in the past with modern stairs and railings.”

– Matt Risinger, host of The Build Show and founder of Risinger Build

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Inside Amy Matthews’ Modern Barnhouse

Check out Amy Matthews’ stunning, Scandinavian-inspired home in Minnesota, featuring FLIGHT floating stairs and Signature glass railing.

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A Builder's Take on FLIGHT

See how Chad Gessin and his team at First Dunes use FLIGHT floating stairs and Onyx rod railings to set their Hamptons homes apart.

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What Customers Say

Viewrail has been outstanding to work with. Their staircase is now the centerpiece of our new home.

- Brendan F.

Impressed with the customer care the and quality of our floating stairs. Looking forward to future projects in our home with Viewrail.

- Stephanie F.

From start to finish the support was wonderful. We are very happy with the look, quality, support, and function.

- Phillip V.

For an online/phone-based order, the process was amazing and the end product worked out beautifully.

- David J.

How it Works

You decide
We help you design
We take care of the rest
Pick the system that suits your style
Custom-fit your system to your space
Engineering, production, delivery, and installation

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What are floating stairs?

Floating staircases are designed to hide the supporting structures, making it seem as if the stair treads are floating. Their clean lines and minimalist design make them a popular choice for open-concept homes. Our stairs are considered “prefabricated.” (Learn more about the prefabricated stair types here.)

These single (“mono”) stringer stairs are well-known for their design. (RELATED: What’s the difference between an open riser & a mono stringer?). Floating stairs are a great option for any project – indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential. You can choose from several types of railings and handrails (glass, cable, or rod railing are the most common) with components that can be hidden in the posts themselves to add to the “floating” look.

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How much does a floating staircase cost?

Because they’re so customizable, it’s hard to narrow down a typical cost, but Mono Stringer Floating Stairs generally range from $5,000 to $30,000. It’s possible to find cheaper systems, but those options are limited to a single standard use, so they may not actually fit your home the way you expect. Our Floating Stairs, on the other hand, are custom-designed, custom-engineered, and built to last for years – and they start at $14,500.

Buying a floating stair system is a lot like buying a car – factors like the model, finish, and trim all contribute to the final price. When buying floating stairs, you’ll need to consider your project’s floor-to-floor height, the number of turns your staircase will take, the type of wood species and stain color for your treads, and what type of railing you want.

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How are floating stairs installed?

Before your floating stairs can be installed, we need to make precise measurements and drawings of your space, to identify the most secure way for your stairs to fit. Then, our team in Goshen, Indiana custom-fabricates the components of your stair system to match the measurements. We take care of as much of the prep work as we can in our factories, so there’s no need for welding or fabrication on-site.

Because your stairs are pre-fabricated, they can be installed in just a couple days. Plus, our team coordinates everything, so you don’t have to worry about juggling contractors and living in a construction zone for weeks on end. We take pride in doing the small things well, so we make sure your stairs look as fresh and clean as possible when we leave.

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What is a metal stair stringer?

The term “stringer” refers to the spine of your staircase. As the backbone of your stairs, the stringer is a critical element of any well-constructed staircase. Due to their style and durability, metal stair stringers have recently become a popular choice for contractors and DIY homeowners alike.

In the past, stringers were made from construction-grade lumber, and were installed in sets of three: one stringer on each side of the stairway, and one in the center. Wide stairways required a few extra stringers for support. In these conventional stairways, the stringer was actually built inside the walls, hidden in drywall or paneling, where it became part of the structure of the home.

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What are floating stair treads?

Crafted from high-quality hardwood, our floating stair treads blend style and sturdiness to give you peace of mind, and Pinterest-worthy design.

Our thick stair treads for floating stairs come in over 15 different wood species — including African Mahogany, Red Oak, Walnut, Ash, and Brazilian Cherry — and they can be customized with a wide range of finishes.

They are built by cutting, planing, and gluing pieces of hardwood together. Modern Stair Treads typically come in thicknesses of 1.5” – 4” and widths of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72” (though, they can also be customized to your project’s needs). Because of the quality of wood, our thick treads can withstand a lifetime of wear.

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What railing options are available?

Our modern railings are the anchor of your floating stair system. Choose from cable, glass, or rod railing systems.

Rod Railing – Rods curve to transition up stairs or around corners, and they never sag over time.

Glass Railing – Creative standoff pin technology makes installation simple. Custom-order for outdoor, indoor, or coastal projects.

Cable Railing – Hidden components sit inside each post, so you never have exposed hardware.

Your railing system is a modern art installation. All posts are pre-drilled and shipped with your customizable components attached. Post heights available in 36”, 39”, or 42”.

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*Applies to all products that are installed by a Viewrail installation technician.

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