Modern Home with Floating stair and Cable Railing

Floating Stairs

Discover your new floating staircase. With sleek lines that soar in mid-air, the floating stair is quickly becoming a cornerstone in modern stair design.

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Cable railing on floating stairs closeup

Modern Railing for Floating Stairs

Get secure with modern railing choices that anchor your floating stair system. Choose from cable railing systems, glass railing systems, or rod railing systems.

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Maple Thick Stair Treads on FLIGHT

Floating Stair Treads

Feel completely at ease on thick stair treads — crafted from high-quality hardwood that brings warmth and beauty to your floating system.

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Interior Living Room FLIGHT Floating Stairs

Modern Staircase Design

One powerful mono stringer? That’s all it takes. Industrial and elegant, the centerpiece of your floating stair system changes everything.

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metal stair stringer

Get More out of your Room with Floating Stairs

Floating stairs make a stunning use of space. The sleek, soaring lines of the open riser are a hallmark of modern stair design, and they’ll make your room feel open and light. Custom-designed and built completely up to code, these stairs will last for years to come. Better yet, Viewrail floating stairs are among the most competitively priced on the market.

Each component of your Viewrail floating staircase arrives at your jobsite labeled, packaged, and ready to be bolted together — like a floating stair kit. There’s no need to hire a welder on-site. The entire open riser system can be installed in a short amount of time, at a low cost, and with tons of customizable options.

Stair treads made to perfectly adorn your floating staircase

Custom built treads for stairs are the ideal way to complement your floating staircase. Each thick tread rests on a hidden bracket anchored to the single stair stringer — this makes each tread look like it is floating in mid-air. Choose from 15 different wood species and enjoy the clean, modern butcherblock finish that makes each tread unique.
floating stair tread bracket

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