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Surface Mount Talon Spigot

Surface Mount Talon Spigot


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Made from the high grade Aluminum, the Surface Mount Talon Spigot is designed with durability and safety in mind.  These glass talons hold ½” or 9/16″ glass panels using an adjustable pressure plate which creates an extremely strong connection. The glass comes pre-drilled through StairSupplies, so you don’t need to worry about glass logistics. Each panel is designed to be held by two talons.

This Surface Mount Talon Spigot is designed to be mounted directly to the surface of your deck or balcony. With a sleek look, innovative design, and durable construction, Surface Mount Talon Spigots do the work for you. Choose between a standard powder coat for noncoastal projects or a more durable fluoropolymer powder coat for extreme environments.

Key Features

  • Surface Mount Talon Spigot is made from Aluminum
    • Contains two 316 Stainless Steel rods pressed-in-fit into the body for stability
    • The Aluminum is anodized first, the stainless steel is pressed in, and the assembly is powder coated
  • Comes with the foot cover – mounting screws sold separately
  • Designed for 1/2″ or 9/16″ glass
  • Two talon spigots can support up to a 4′ panel of glass
  • Able to be finished in all powder coat options

    Included Hardware:

    1- Aluminum Surface Mount Talon Set Screws
    1- Aluminum Surface Mount Talon Foot Cover
    1- Talon Gasket Polycarbonate
    1- Steel Pressure Plate

    *Install Hardware sold separately

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