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Spiral Stairs

Spiral Staircases

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Custom, prefabricated spiral staircase kits

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Your New Modern Spiral Staircase

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Buy Custom, Prefabricated Spiral Staircases

The days of cobbling together a staircase with a couple trips to the lumber yard, a favor from your neighbor who says he can weld, and a half dozen subcontractors are over. Now you can buy a stunning, custom spiral staircase that’s completely prefabricated and ready to be installed as soon as it hits your doorstep.

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Carefully Crafted Curved Stairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Viewrail Spiral Staircases Considered Kits?
Yes, our spiral staircases are considered kits because we manufacture and provide every component of the system as part of your order. Your staircase ships to you in one, comprehensive kit, ready to be installed by one of our Viewrail certified installers.
Do Spiral Staircases Meet Code Regulations?
Yes, all of our floating staircases meet code regulations, including our spiral staircases. At Viewrail we put all of our products through rigorous testing so that the system you receive not only passes code, but can withstand even more wear and tear than is required by local and national regulations. (What are floating stairs?)
How Much Space Do Viewrail Stairs Take Up?
The best part about spiral stairs is that they have a minimal footprint. Our spiral staircases range anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in diameter, which is significantly less than the footprint for other types of floating stairs, like straight, switchback, or U-shaped systems.

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