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Glass Railing Base Rail

The glass base rail system is made up of a thin piece of metal that runs along the bottom of the railing, holding up each glass panel. The top of the glass panels can act as the handrail — so there’s no need to add a metal or wood handrail. But a slender metal railing cap can be added to the top of the panels, for a sleeker, finished look. The base rail comes in lengths of 4′, 8′, and 12′.

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The base rail channel comes 4′ 6″ in length for ease of shipment. The covers come in 4′ 6″, 8′, and 12′ sections to create a seamless look for your project. With clean, modern lines and extremely strong design, the Glass Base Rail System elevates your style and provides a beautiful, durable railing option.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an option for decks & balconies?
Yes! Our U-channel railing system is a great option for mounting glass railing onto exterior decks and balconies. The Base Rail channel keeps the glass panels locked in-place during even the strongest winds.
What glass panels are supported?
Baserail systems are compatible with both 1/2 inch tempered, and 9/16 inch laminated glass panels.
Can my panels be custom made?
Yes! If your Baserail system requires a custom touch, talk to our design team.
How wide is the baserail U-channel?
2 1/4
What lengths is this available in?
The base rail channel comes in 4′ 6″ sections but the covers on the outside come in 4′ 6″, 8′, & 12′ lengths.

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