Ascend Glass Talon Spigots - A Versatile Talon Alternative

When you want the look of Surface Mount Talons for your staircase, choose Ascend Talons. Our Ascend Talon system builds on it’s predecessor (the standard spigot talon), and can be used on angled runs, providing a taller and stronger anchor for your glass system. Each talon is a taller, stronger version of our high-quality talons, specially built to hold glass panels in place as they angle up a staircase. Manufactured in-house, Ascend Talons are made from aluminum and can be powder coated any color you want. Install the talons in the same way you would install a standoff pin: by putting a hole in the glass, then securing the talon. However, you only need two talons per glass panel, making this a visually sleeker alternative to standoff pins. Affordable, strong, and versatile, Ascend Talons are the perfect budget-friendly choice for the modern home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max panel width?
Each panel can be ordered up in widths of up to 54”.
How many holes do I need for each ascend talon?
You will need 4 holes per panel. The system works similarly to our standoff pin system, where talon is installed into the hole. Each talon can be powder-coated, making it very versatile.
How many Ascend Talons do I need per panel?
Each glass panel requires just 2 talons.
What Is Roughly The Cost Of Ascend?
Ascend is a fairly economical system. The average cost per linear foot is $205-265. Compared to other glass railing systems which typically cost upwards of $300 per linear foot, this system is affordable for most homes.

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