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Why Viewrail Installation Services?

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Our network of Viewrail Certified Installers is experienced in installing a wide range of railings and stairs. We ensure the installation goes smoothly, resulting in beautiful stairs or railing to be enjoyed for years to come.

Viewrail Certified Installers

Viewrail Certified Installers are skilled installers that have partnered with Viewrail to install your railing and stairs. When you request Viewrail Installation services for your project, we will assign a Viewrail Certified Installer to you during the quote process.

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What people are saying

They truly knew the in and outs of your stair system, and were effortlessly able to complete the job. Thankfully, Ernesto and his team actually did what they said they would do and completed the job very quickly.

- Niel D

Overall, this has been a great experience for me on the sales side to see how smoothly things can go and how awesome our certified installers are.

- Elle C

You and your team pulled this off wonderfully! Thank you for your hard work and craftsmanship on this project.

- Jon W

The installers did a great job and really worked with me on dealing with the unique issues that our existing structure had. I was quite happy with their work.

- Andy M

What to Expect

Learn more about each step of the installation process below! You’ll get an idea of how to get started, what you’ll need, and what happens when.

Step 1. Get a quote and a Viewrail Certified Installer
The best and easiest way to get a quote for installation is to request Installation Services with your initial quote. As you talk with sales about your project, be sure to let them know that you are interested in installation with an assigned Viewrail certified installer. Request A Quote
Step 2. Sign installation contract
Step 3. Set the installation schedule with your Installer
Your Certified Installer will work with you to schedule site visits and set the installation schedule. Please be prepared to be present, or appoint a trustworthy representative to be present on your behalf, when the installer arrives. Please consider Hidden or Unknown Conditions – items that will be accessed during the first site visit. We may need to charge for the following items if any apply to your project.
  • Lack of worksite access and/or availability (difficult terrain, elevator access, multi levels greater than 3 stories)
  • Limited vehicle parking access or lack thereof
  • Lack of adequate lighting or electricity
  • Lack of access to bathroom facilities at the worksite
  • Any limitation(s) that prevent Contractor from working at the worksite for the less than 8 hours per day
  • Additional equipment and/or vehicles required to deliver materials to the worksite. Includes scaffolding or specialty rigging equipment
  • Material waste removal not provided on site
  • Required through bolting or drilling/tapping of steel beams
  • Work alterations that modify any original agreement
  • Design selections that are modified following the submission of an order
Step 4. During the Installation Process
Maintain a clean, safe, and clear service site
  • Dust & Debris – While your project is in progress, expect a certain amount of dust and debris. Precautions will be put into place to minimize the impact and protect your property.
  • Noise & Odor – There will be sawing, hammering, and other machinery noises during the installation. Some installations may cause a strong odor from adhesives and sealers. Be sure to make arrangements for those in your home that may have sensory sensitivity.
  • People & Children – All occupants and visitors should remain at a safe distance from the work area. The tools, materials, and debris from the project may present hazardous conditions.
  • Pets – If you have pets, ensure they are secured away from the work area. The Certified Installer will need to enter and exit your home while the install is in progress and is not responsible for securing pets.
Step 5. Final Walk-through & Installation Completion Form
After you have completed a walk-through with your Viewrail Certified Installer, you confirm the project has been completed to your satisfaction by signing the Installation Completion Form. If a representative is signing on your behalf, ensure he/she designates his/her relationship to you. This document does not affect your warranty in any way.
Step 6. Enjoy and care for your new stairs and railing
Wood Finishing Metal Order and Care Information Installation Warranty – Enjoy peace of mind that your installation is backed by our Two Year Labor Labor/Workmanship Warranty. Warranty

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Installation Warranty

Two Year Labor & Workmanship Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind that your installation is backed by our Two Year Labor Labor/Workmanship Warranty.
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