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Floating Stairs Installation

Read the information below to learn about installing your FLIGHT system with Viewrail Installations.

Your floating stairs are custom-made to fit your space. This means a lot of the grunt work is taken care of. Our team of expert installers have years of experience, so they understand the process inside and out. When our team handles install, the process is:


Our stair systems are simple enough to install on your own, but for first-time DIYers (and even many contractors), the process can take weeks. Our team has been installing these systems for years, so we can do it in as fast as one day.


Precise measurements and technical adjustments are part of the process of ensuring your stairs will stay secure for years to come. Our team is equipped to handle every part of the process, from measurements to finishes, and they will make sure your stairs and the structure of your space are secure.


While it’s possible to install our stairs yourself, some aspects of the process require technical expertise and can be a bit overwhelming if you lack experience. Our team are floating stair specialists, so you can rest easy knowing they’ve got it covered. Plus, since our team normally completes installations faster than a typical contractor, you save money in the long run.

Here’s what the installation process looks like:


Before your stairs are even made, we take precise measurements of your space. This ensures that both your stairs, and the structure of your space, will be secure throughout years of use.


Our measurement technicians send their precise drawings to our fabrication team in Goshen, Indiana, where the majority of your stair system is made. We do as much of the fabrication as we can in our factory, so the installer doesn’t need to worry about welding or fabricating on-site. This is part of the reason we complete our installations so quickly.


Once your stair system is shipped, our team of expert installers will come to you and install it in as little as one day, so you don’t have to live in a construction zone for weeks on end.

Vedera Flight Base Rail Glass

That’s it.

Once we’re finished installing your stairs, we make sure it looks as fresh and clean as possible, and the job is done!

I'd Rather DIY It

While many customers utilize Viewrail Installations, you may choose to measure or install a FLIGHT system on your own. Documentation is provided below to help with that process.

Need help with installation? Give us a call.