Black FLIGHT Onyx Rods

Product Change Notes

Cantilever Stairs, Perforated Panels & Dual Channel Stringers

August 26, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Cantilever stairs are a very common desire from the market. Often, these stairs have strict requirements for the supporting wall, typically involving concrete. Viewrail has come up with an innovative two-part design only requiring a wood-constructed wall. The simple bolt-together product can be easily installed with two people and provides a completely floating stair aesthetic.
  • Commercial projects frequently call our a solid, perforated panel infill between posts. These are now offered through Viewrail and can be supported with clips between posts. They are constructed from aluminum and are powder coated any of our standard powder coat colors. Although typically commercial, these make for a great residential solution when sight obscurity is needed.

Standoff Pins and Vedera Revision & Base Rail Drain Block

July 22, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Viewrail's Standoff Pin offering has been revised to contain less parts and stronger fastener, creating a more durable and easy-to-install product. The Pin's main body is now a solid piece of aluminum and is fastened with a 5" hanger bolt.
  • Vedera is the most popular glass offering on a FLIGHT system. The hardware has been simplified to make installation easier and FLIGHT treads will now be shipped out with preinstalled hanger bolts to make assembly as quick as possible
  • Water runoff can be a concern for those installing Base Rail in an exterior setting. The Base Rail Drain Block can be mounted underneath the Base Rail under each mounting location and will raise the Base Rail 3/8" off the mounting surface to allow water drainage.

Floor Termination Fitting for Commercial Grab Rail

July 15, 2022

Changes Included:

  • This fitting works with our 1.5" steel grab rail and is used on commercial projects where the grab rail extends past the top or bottom post and returns to the floor.

New Stringer Foot Cover & "K" Post

July 1, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Providing the most beautiful modern stair system to a happy customer is Viewrail’s top goal. Adding a cover plate for the mounting hardware on a stringer’s floor connection plate is one of those small details that makes this possible. This cover can be used even after the entire system is installed, making it a backward-compatible addition.
  • For around 7 years Viewrail offered a single post-transition leading from an angle knee wall to a level run. However, despite videos and measurement guides, this was a tricky and often troublesome solution resulting in remakes. For that reason, the solution was to double post this transition. In the scenarios where the customer does not want to double post, Viewrail is now offering a “K" post solution. This post will always be 42” and surface mounted, and drilled on the level side only for an Inside Post Mount Kit. The placement and drilling of the angled side will be completely up to the customer. This is not Viewrail's main, recommended solution, and the success of this post’s installation will fall to the customer.

Cascade Treads

June 17, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Cascade treads use an engineered core of solid hardwood as a rigid interior. This core will be produced from finger-jointed scrap or lower-grade hardwood lumber and the thickness will differ depending on the overall tread depth. The core is then cross-laminated with ½” engineered lumber, which is a key component in providing dimensional stability. Finally, a 3/16” - ¼” mitered hardwood wear layer is cross-laminated as the exterior. This wear layer will be constructed from our standard, high-grade lumber.

Tread Options Discontinued & New Quick Slide Offering

June 3, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Due to a lack of market interest, our artisan, beveled and urban treads have been discontinued.
  • The revolutionary, proprietary Quick Slide handrail offering has expanded to include a Quick Slide Beverage rail. This railing is 4” wide and offers a wider surface for leaning on or setting beverages. Without the need to use screws or other penetrating fasteners, installing a handrail has never been easier.

Platinum Black & Standoff Pin Drywall Skirt Optional

May 13, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Viewrail’s powder coat process and finish were awarded a 2605 AAMA rating, as well as the powder coat provider’s (PPG) approval to source and apply their top-tier powder offering. This finish is an upgrade even over fluoropolymer and is confidently backed for up to 10 years in any environment. Unlike any other competitors, Viewrail will warranty the appropriate coastal products with this finish even on oceanfront properties.
  • The Standoff Pin drywall skirt had previously been a mandatory part of the product and had often gone unused by the installer. To reduce waste, this will only be provided if the customer asks.

New Stain & Side Mount Changes

May 6, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Originally premiered during IBS 2022, the New Capella stain sparked a lot of interest and was launched shortly afterward.
  • Side Mount Posts Carriage bolts changed from 4.5" to 6" The change in length on carriage bolts was made to provide more flexibility in mounting options. It makes it much easier to install when 2x or 3x blocking is present.

Base Rail: Press-in Blade

April 15, 2022

Changes Included:

  • In response to customer feedback, Viewrail moved from a rubber bulb seal to a rubber press-in blade to help seal between the glass and the base rail cover. This improved installation ease and speed, while providing a great aesthetic.

All-Aluminum Bolt-together Side Mounts

April 8, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Welding Aluminum Side Mounted plates to the post had two drawbacks. The heat of the welding process weakened the aluminum, and the large exterior welds were unsightly. By creating an all aluminum, bolt-together solution for Aluminum Side Mounts, both these issues were resolved. The result: an easy-to-install, aesthetically clean, and much stronger Side Mount connection.

New Coastal Offering & Parts Updates

April 1, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Onyx Rod railing is one of the hottest railing options on the market. To help meet the demand for coastal projects, Viewrail launched Coastal Onyx rod railing. The 2205 rods are powder coated with the Platinum Black finish and allow for this infill option to be installed in any environment.
  • The all-Aluminum ¾” Dome was released to increase our production speed, reduce our aluminum waste, and align all universal domes to have the same aesthetic. By creating the dome completely from Aluminum, we reduce the chance of any galvanic reaction on coastal projects.
  • Base Rail’s glass clamps need to be tightened on each side of the glass, however, the installer may not always have access to both sides of the glass. To address this concern, the Base Rail Wrench Pack now comes with a long and short wrench. The long wrench should provide enough reach to tighten the far side of the glass while standing on the inside of the glass.

FLIGHT Tread Bracket Magnets

March 25, 2022

Changes Included:

  • In order to create a quicker production and installation process with less waste, the FLIGHT bracket covers are now held in place with magnets. The magnets are simply set on / attached to the outside of the head of the preinstalled screw, and the bracket cover snaps in place to these magnets.

No Hole Talons & Angle Sleeves

March 18, 2022

Changes Included:

  • Viewrail's new Surface Mount Talon uses an internal pressure plate to hold the glass and two set screws to tighten and tilt the glass panel as needed. This dramatically increases the adjustability and versatility of the Surface Talon glass system without the need for holes in the glass.
  • Based on customer feedback, Viewrail launched an angled version of the Adhesive Sleeve. The center of the sleeve is milled out to prevent the cable from contacting and pushing the Adhesive Sleeve when the cable is on an angle. Previously the cable had been putting pressure on the sleeve and, at times, popping the sleeve off over time.

ICC Rated ⅜” Post to Post Glass

March 4, 2022

Changes Included:

  • International Code Compliance is one of the most sought-after product certifications. The ICC approval for ⅜” post to post glass provides an enormous degree of confidence in the safety and durability of ⅜” tempered glass between Viewrail’s post systems.

Adjustable Vertical Glass Coupler

February 18, 2022

Changes Included:

  • The redesign of the vertical glass coupler allows for the coupler to sit on the glass, instead of between glass panels. At the top of the stairs, a single piece of glass could go from an angle to a level. In order to connect the glass cap for this scenario, the hinge was redesigned to provide space to sit on top of this transition.
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