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Viewrail Policy


Floating Stairs with Surface Mount Posts
At Viewrail we custom manufacture premium stair and railing parts, selling them directly to homeowners and home builders. We are in the building materials business. Once your project is signed off by you, our team of craftsmen begins building your project in our facilities. We have an incredibly short lead time, with the ability to supply customers out of our inventory of raw materials and manufacture refined masterpieces. Read our full warranty documentation.


Orders placed but not released to production may be assessed a fee for work completed by our engineering department. Non-engineered orders will not be assessed a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations within 90 days, the fee will be up to 10% of the product total.
  • Cancellations between 91-180 days, the fee will be up to 25% of the product total.
  • Cancellations after 180 days, the fee will be up to 50% of the product total.
No cancellations are accepted after an order has been released to production. This typically takes place within the same business day of the order being placed. For engineered products, this may take longer.

Coastal Environment Product Usage

Within 10 miles from saltwater we recommend the following products:
  • Endurance Powder Coated aluminum posts
  • Extreme coastal 2205 stainless steel posts*
  • 2205 stainless steel rods
  • Glass railing
  • Metal handrail
*For customers in Long Island or surrounding coastal Connecticut areas, we do not recommend using stainless steel posts in exterior projects due to the extremely corrosive environment. Using stainless steel in an exterior application in these environments will result in a voided warranty.

Code Compliance

Building code compliance requirements vary greatly from location to location. Therefore, Viewrail is not liable for orders which do not comply with applicable building codes specific to customers’ install location. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure compliance with any applicable building codes. Local building code requirements will always supersede any and all suggested procedures and measurements offered by Viewrail.

Damages & Shortages

Any product remakes and/or refunds are up to the discretion of Viewrail.

Damage Claims: If a Freight shipment appears damaged upon arrival, note the damage on the BOL paperwork provided by the driver before signing anything. After noting the damage, please accept delivery, do not deny it. This ensures that the freight company will acknowledge the damage at the time of delivery. The customer can then work directly with Viewrail on proper documentation and potential replacement of material ordered. Note that in many cases the packaging may be damaged but the product is not. Viewrail will replace any confirmed damaged items.

In the event of a damage claim, Viewrail will require a photo or video of the issue and may require the part to be returned. All solutions and/or replacements are at the discretion of Viewrail. Damage must be documented via pictures and direct correspondence with Viewrail within 5 business days of receipt. If damage claims are filed outside of the 5 business day window the customer may incur additional charges to replace the material.

Product Defects and Manufacturing Errors: Defects and/or errors must be reported as soon as possible to the project manager, who will guide the situation moving forward. Pictures must be provided that clearly show the error/defect in the actual project space. Viewrail reserves the right to remake any applicable product that meets these criteria at no additional cost to the customer. However, if it is found that the error/defect occurs because the job site parameters changed without proper notice to Viewrail, the customer may incur the cost of the additional material. Defects and errors reported after a project installation is complete may incur additional charges to replace the needed materials.

Product Shortages: Product Shortages must be reported within 5 business days of receipt of a product. Reports should be made via email to the customer’s project manager or to [email protected]. Customers will be provided with proactive shipping information, as well as a simplified packing list, which enables the customer to take proper inventory of their order after the driver has departed. Please do not delay the driver to take your inventory.

*If anything is obviously missing, such as the number of skids and/or boxes indicated on the Bill of Lading, please note this on the BOL when you sign for the delivery.*

As a best practice, customers should not refuse a shipment, as it is counterproductive to the overall success and timeline of the project. Working directly with Viewrail by providing pictures and documentation leads to a much faster resolution. Customers who report shortages outside of the 5 business day window may incur additional charges to replace the material needed.

Viewrail’s Right to Remake: In the event of any of the above scenarios, Viewrail reserves the right to remake the product until the job site requirements are met as originally agreed upon. By acknowledging Viewrail policies during the verification process, customers agree to this method of ultimate satisfaction. Viewrail will not issue refunds based on manufacturing errors, shipping damage, or job site delays. Viewrail does not cover reinstallation costs or rescheduled installation costs unless the customer is utilizing one of our certified installers for the project.


At times we make mistakes, but we stand behind our product and our processes. We are committed to the success of our customers’ products and will work with customers to achieve success.


Almost all Viewrail products are custom manufactured. Therefore the customer is responsible to provide accurate measurements, noting important structural details and possible obstructions. All custom products must have signed prints prior to being released to production.

Viewrail is not responsible for additional parts and/or replacement parts required which are not noted in the final proposal and/or drawings.

Incorrect Usage or Installation

Viewrail assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage as a result of misuse of any Viewrail product(s) or instruction(s). Viewrail assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage as a result of the use, or misuse, of information on this website. Engineering drawings, diagrams, and product quotes are not meant to replace a licensed construction professional. The customer or contractor assumes all responsibility regarding worksite safety.

Pricing & Promotions

Pricing is subject to change at any time for all orders.

If a pricing error occurs, Viewrail reserves the right to adjust the order after the fact. If a pricing error does happen and Viewrail alters the price, the customer will have the option to cancel the order. An example of a pricing error is if the displayed price is $19.90, but the price is supposed to be $199.

If customers choose to pay an expedite fee, this automatically voids all sale pricing.

The price of installation is separate from the product and cannot be discounted as part of a sale.

Quotes provided to customers by a sales representative are good for 30 days. However, the discount may change based on current promotions.

Customers are prohibited from claiming more than one pricing promotion per order.

Pricing provided to customers via the Viewrail website calculators and pricing tools are merely estimates and are not final pricing.

Locked-in pricing is only available under the following conditions:
  • Project scope and/or design are not modified.

  • If you place an order with a down payment, Viewrail will honor your initial order price for a period of six months. Beginning in the seventh month, Viewrail will assess a 1% price increase to the total order each month.

  • When choosing Steel First FLIGHT – Price will be held for 1 year with a 1% increase each month after a year for up to 24 months from the purchase date.

  • Any order remaining open over a period of 24-months will be subject to repricing. If the costs of goods sold increases by 25% or more at any time, Viewrail reserves the right to reprice or cancel the order.

Production & Lead Times

Viewrail’s lead times are always calculated and estimated for ideal conditions in our production facilities and with market demands in mind. Due to the custom nature of Viewrail’s products, these dates are always estimated and never guaranteed. Nor do they include shipping transit time. While Viewrail will always work diligently to meet our customer’s desired on-site date, Viewrail will not be held responsible for job site delays, costs due to contractor scheduling conflicts, or any other added expenses.

Certain factors are unpredictable when producing and shipping custom-manufactured products including shipping damage, shipping transit delays, acts of nature/weather, and labor shortages. As a best practice, customers should conduct an inventory using their packing list while inspecting the quality of the product within 5 business days of receiving the shipment. Once the customer is satisfied that everything on the packing list has been received and the quality is as promised/satisfactory, they should conduct final scheduling with their contractor. Viewrail does not recommend final scheduling with a contractor before the material is shipped and received.

After an order is released to production, it will be shipped upon completion. If storage of product is requested by a customer for more than five business days, Viewrail reserves the right to assess a storage fee of up to $100 per day.


All returns must be made within 180 days of order shipment. To be eligible for a return, products must be in a resellable condition and cannot be damaged. Returns are assessed at a 25% restocking fee. Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form must be completed for all returns.

All wood, glass, and most metal products cannot be returned.

Metal products that are eligible for return include:
  • Express cable railing posts
  • Express handrails
  • Stock hardware and tension fittings
  • Iron balusters
  • Unopened spools of cable


Viewrail reserves the right to amend shipping rates at its discretion and at any point during the process.

Freight Shipping Costs:
  • Orders below $1,000 = Actual cost, $150 min.
  • Orders $1,000-$5,000 = $250 flat rate
  • Orders $5,000-$10,000 = $350 flat rate
  • Orders $10,000+ East of Mississippi River = $500 flat rate
  • Orders $10,000+ West of Mississippi River = $1,000 flat rate
Standard Ground Shipping Costs:
  • Orders below $1,000 = Actual cost, $25 min.
  • Orders $1,000-$5,000 = $50 flat rate
  • Orders $5,000+ = $100 flat rate
All standard freight decisions are to be made at Viewrail’s discretion. Viewrail operates its own delivery service in select regions.

Small package deliveries will be made with UPS or US Mail. Express shipping is only available at the customers’ cost, including any remakes or additional products. Carrier tracking information is considered proof of delivery for all shipments.

All orders with a handrail or rods over 8ft will be delivered via Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipment. Large LTL shipments will be made with a number of LTL carriers. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in LTL’s “no appointment necessary” delivery. If you choose this option you have 24hrs to report any shortages and damages. Carrier will send texts and photos during the delivery process.

On standard LTL deliveries, damaged packages and/or missing parcels must be reported on the BOL before signing. The customer will be responsible for paying for replacement items if they fail to report damages and/or missing parcels on the BOL.

If the shipping address is changed after the product ships out from our facility, additional re-consignment fees from the shipping company will be applied to the customer

Please note: LTL carriers are only contracted to deliver orders to the curb, not to the house.

Customers are responsible for any additional fees required for re-delivery of products as a result of a missed delivery.

If a customer is not able to receive a shipment at the scheduled delivery time proposed by the shipping company, the customer is responsible for any storage fees or other fees associated with the delayed shipment.

For floating stair projects, we recommend that you have 4-5 people on site for the delivery to get the products from the truck to where they need to go.

A forklift rental can be helpful, and we recommend one for the delivery of glass panels.


These Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. Any legal proceedings against Viewrail that may arise out of, relate to, or be in any way connected with Viewrail’ services or these Terms of Use shall be brought exclusively in the courts of Elkhart County, Indiana and any jurisdictional, venue, or inconvenient forum objections to such courts are hereby waived.

General Product Information

Care and Maintenance - Glass

Proper regular cleaning of your glass panels and hardware will ensure your railing is a lasting feature in your home. Here are some guidelines for taking care of your glass panels:
  • Use a microfiber cleaning cloth when cleaning your panels
  • Use a cleaning solution specifically designed for glass
  • To care for your glass hardware, follow the steps outlined in the “Caring for your Metal Products” section of this document.

Care & Maintenance - Metal

For stainless steel products, Viewrail recommends applying Marine 31 Sealant every 6 months. Marine 31 Sealant provides a durable, clear, protective coating that withstands the elements for up to 6 months.

To apply Marine 31 Sealant:
  • Shake well and ensure the surface is cool to the touch.
  • If the surface is dull, oxidized, or stained, first polish it with Marine 31 Stainless Steel Liquid Polish. Apply a dime-sized amount of product directly onto a clean, dry foam applicator. Apply a thin, even coat and allow to dry for at least 5 minutes.
  • Buff off residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Marine 31 Polish is a great way to restore your brushed stainless steel products from Viewrail to their original shine. This polish removes light rust, oxidation, and films which can dull the appearance of your post. Applying this polish is crucial for post applications near brackish and saltwater. Marine 31 Polish is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.

To apply Marine 31 Polish:
  • Shake the bottle well and ensure the surface is cool to the touch.
  • Apply a dime-sized amount of polish to a terry cloth applicator.
  • Thoroughly work the polish in by working in small sections.
  • Remove any residue with a clean, dry cloth.
Marine 31 Polish is white in color and spills can be removed with a damp cloth.

If you live in a snowy climate, make sure you clear any snow and ice off of your exterior posts and infill.

It’s important to clear leaves, pollen, and other debris from your exterior posts and infill.

Care & Maintenance - Wood

Regularly cleaning your wood products is essential to their longevity in your home. Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining your Viewrail wood products is similar to the care and maintenance of any other wood product in your home. Here are some basic guidelines for maintaining your wood products:
  • Sweep/vacuum/dust your wood products regularly. Built up dust and dirt can damage your wood products.
  • When using a vacuum, ensure that the head of the vacuum does NOT have a beater bar (which can damage your wood stairs) and there is no debris on the wheels.
  • When cleaning your wood products, use a polish or cleaning product specifically designed for finished wood. Do not clean your wood stair parts with water.
  • Clean up any liquid spills on your wood stair parts using a soft cleaning cloth.

Custom-Sized Items

Stringers, glass panels, posts, floating stair treads, custom-sized treads, and customed-sized landings are manufactured to size and do not require any modification upon delivery.

Handrails and fittings, standard treads and landings, skirt boards, aprons, cable, rods, top cap, base rail and cover, iron balusters, newels must all be cut to size on the job site.

Flight Stringer

Viewrail requires customer sign-off of production prints prior to your stringer going to production. Stringers received on-site meeting the dimensions described in these production prints will not be refunded or replaced at Viewrail’s expense.

Glass Products

Viewrail offers tempered glass panels for exterior or interior railing systems. Laminated glass is available upon request. We offer several mounting options and styles to create a custom-designed and unique railing for you. See Code Compliance for more information.

Viewrail requires customer sign-off of production prints prior to your glass panels going to production. Glass panels received on-site meeting the dimensions described in these production prints will not be refunded or replaced at Viewrail’s expense.

Wood Products

All Viewrail wood products are made from solid lumber. To achieve the necessary thickness or depth, Viewrail does edge or face glue most of our wood products. While Viewrail works to color and grain match, wood is a natural product and will therefore vary from one board to another. This means any wood product you order from Viewrail may not have a uniform color and grain pattern, and may not perfectly match samples.

All Viewrail lumber, both domestic and exotic is air or kiln-dried to minimize instances of cracking, deformation, and warping. It is the customer’s responsibility to store all wood products in a climate-controlled environment immediately upon receipt. Sealing wood products with a stain or clear finish significantly reduces the risk of cracking or warping, therefore Viewrail encourages customers to seal or finish any unfinished wood product as soon as possible upon receipt. Viewrail is not responsible for defects to wood products that are not finished and installed within one week of receipt.

Warping is defined as permanent curvature or deformation of the wood product which is not corrected with a normal installation. We encourage our customers to inspect their wood products upon arrival for any warping and report it within one week of receipt. Warping claims will not be honored outside of this one-week timeframe.

All custom wood products must be signed off on by the customer prior to production. See the return policy.