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Discover your new modern staircase. Open riser stairs create sleek lines that soar in mid-air, held up by a powerful mono stringer. Give your home the best in open-concept design with a form that combines rock solid performance and elegant strength.

All of this arrives in a package that you can install in a single day. With 805 systems successfully delivered, FLIGHT is the best option for modern floating stairs.

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The metal steel stringer is the backbone of your staircase. It’s capable of supporting large amounts of weight, so it will keep you safe. Plus, it’s custom-made for each order in our facility, to ensure a fit that’s accurate and solid — without the hassle of a fab on-site crew welding in your home.

Order your mono stringer in one of three standard configurations: Straight, 90-degree turn, and Switchback — or ask for a custom staircase to fit a more specific need. We’re confident we can deliver what your home needs.

Stringers are manufactured from mild steel and are 6’ tall by 8” wide. They can support treads and landing platforms up to 54” wide. If you need stairs that are extra-wide, use our dual stringer system. It uses two 4” x 6” stringers to support treads and landings up to 72” wide.

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Remember when people would throw carpet over the stair treads because they only cared about the railing? Thankfully, modern design aesthetics have turned that thinking on its head. Now the treads beneath your feet have become the star of our well-appointed modern staircase, Viewrail FLIGHT.

We offer thick treads in over 15 different wood species, including white and red oak, walnut, and brazilian cherry. We also offer eco-friendly paralam treads, and granite top treads if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional wood look.

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We create highly customizable modern railing systems. Choose from a variety of infill options, including cable, rods, and glass. Each system boasts a minimal design that’s perfect for the modern home.

For a budget-friendly option, choose sleek cable railing. Rods have the same smooth profile as cable, but they provide a stronger, more durable alternative. They’re simpler to install and will last longer than cable. Finally, our innovative glass railing uses top-of-the-line technology to make a minimalistic statement.

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