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Glass railing has become a popular railing choice in modern design. It gives the sleek lines and transparency of the minimalism movement without sacrificing safety. All our glass railing options are created to support laminated and tempered glass panels that are 1/2” or 9/16” thick. These thicknesses create a solid barrier that meets residential building codes.

Glass can be configured into railing in one of four ways. By using metal Glass Posts, Glass Talon Spigots, Glass Standoff Pins, or a Glass Base Rail.

Glass Railing Posts

Interior Glass Railing Post

This system involves metal posts that have mechanically fastened glass clips that hold the glass in place. The posts need to be placed within four feet of each other. Most of these posts have a handrail bracket at the top where wooden or metal handrail can be attached—which most closely resembles standard railing systems. This category also includes shorter metal posts that can be used in conjunction with glass panels to create barrier glass.

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Talon Spigots

These clamp glass panels in place and keep them there through patented tilt-lock technology. Talon spigots can either be surface mounted or side mounted onto projects. Two spigots are able to hold up each four foot panel of glass.

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This frameless surface mount option has a metal and rubber channel that runs along the base of its glass panels. The base rail holds the glass panels in place and also uses patented tilt lock technology. This technology allows you to make simple mechanical adjustments to each glass panel to ensure that all panels align vertically.

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Stand Off Pins

These 2” round pins may look small, but they are one of our strongest glass options. They weigh 4 pounds and use a threaded bolt to compress the space between the glass and the pin itself. They can easily be bolted onto or recessed into the sides of treads for a polished look.

Each of these glass railing styles involves metal systems that are made out of only the most corrosion-resistant material: 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel. This is the metal that is used on deep sea oil rigs. And now also on your glass railing project.

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