“Our Little Oasis”

A Modern Deck Renovation with Allie & Ryan Lundeen

Allie Lundeen is an expert DIYer, small business owner, and social media influencer from Minnesota.

Allie and her husband, Ryan, showed us around their newly renovated lake cabin, including their brand new deck featuring a stunning Onyx rod railing from Viewrail. Their serene, waterfront spot is a mid-summer’s dream. Here are a few of their (and our) favorite parts:


More bang for your buck.

“We knew we wanted to maximize our dollar, and the one big project we decided to take on the outside was to invest in a nice deck,” Allie said, “but where we really put our bang in our budget was the deck and the railing, and we really feel like the Viewrail railing elevated the whole look of the cabin.”

How the Lundeen’s money made an impact:

  • Onyx coating instantly modernizes and grounds the space
  • Rod infill is safer, more durable, and sleeker than other options
  • Horizontal railing creates a boundary around the deck without making the space feel confined

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View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Allie (@prvbsthirtyonegirl)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Allie (@prvbsthirtyonegirl)

All Flair. No Fuss.

Amidst all of the design wow-factors an all-black railing has to offer, Ryan is most excited about what Onyx railings don’t bring to the table: loads of maintenance. The stainless steel rods and posts are easy to clean, and don’t require regular re-tensioning, like cable railings do.

Ryan beamed about the longevity of the finish: “We’ve had it for two years now, we haven’t had to touch it… there’s no fading on it, there’s nothing, it’s weathered really well.”

“No maintenance, it’s been amazing,” Allie added.

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From Purely Functional to Focal Point

The Lundeens couldn’t do much to change the physical structure of their cabin, so they took advantage of any opportunity they could find to spruce up the deck, knowing it will be the first impression for every friend or family member who comes to visit.

“The railing was for sure the showstopper on our exterior makeover of the cabin,” Allie gushed.

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A post shared by Allie (@prvbsthirtyonegirl)

Ideal for DIYers

Want to upgrade your deck like the Lundeens? Our railing systems are built for DIYers.

Every Signature rod railing system is custom-engineered to fit your space, and comes with an Installation Guide, Youtube walkthroughs, and support from our Viewrail reps in case you get stuck.

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