On Site with Chad

Take a virtual tour of these gorgeous First Dunes homes in the Hamptons, featuring FLIGHT floating stairs, Onyx rod railings, and more from Viewrail.

Chad Gessin is the Director of Design and Construction for First Dunes, a custom home builder in the Hamptons.

We got to spend a day with Chad, walking around a group of homes he’s working on in the Westhampton Dunes area. He showed us just a few ways he’s been able to use our stair and railing products to solve some of the unique problems he faces every day as a luxury builder in a coastal environment.

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About the Homes:

  • Price Range: $2.4 M – $6.8 M
  • Size: 2,600 – 5,200 Sq Ft
  • Location: Westhampton Dunes, NY
When we first met up with Chad, he showed us around a new build that packs a lot of house into a tight lot. In order to maximize the natural light and usable space in the entryway, Chad had FLIGHT floating stairs installed. Chad prefers the FLIGHT system’s mono-stringer design for both its style and functionality – it creates optimal circulation in the space, and feels like a piece of sculpture in the foyer.
The white oak treads are another point of design delight for Chad. Their natural warmth and beauty help to capture the glow of the sun and bring it downward, which is crucial, since the space requires an extended landing platform that blocks the direct sightline of the second and third floor windows.

Light. Bright. Beautiful.

  • White Oak treads capture natural light
  • Mono-stringer system maximizes circulation
  • Thick, vertical-grain treads don’t need secondary support
Next, Chad walked us up the three levels of his FLIGHT system to check out a solution he and his team found to be able to include a cantilevered balcony, nearly 35 feet above sea level. Chad and his team borrowed inspiration from nationally-renowned architect, Steven Baczek, to engineer this unique, structural feature, which allows residents to step out from their third floor gym and take in the Atlantic ocean, kept safe by their gorgeous, stainless steel rod railing, topped with a drink rail.

Clean. Creative. Coastal.

  • Black finish for a clean, modern look
  • Rod railing with drink rail, a sturdy solution
  • Endurance Powder Coat, approved for coastal use

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We had the opportunity to walk through a job we didn’t get, early on in our floating stair manufacturing history – Chad and his team opted to go with a local fabricator at the time. Since then, we’ve been able to fine-tune our process and come up with solutions that not only look better, but stand up better to the elements. Here’s how Chad compared his experiences with the local fabricator and our updated floating stair systems:

The Viewrail Difference

  • Engineered and routed to avoid bulky steel seats
  • Vertical grain treads withstand moisture & humidity
  • Radiused edges, rather than picture-framed boxes
Before we left, Chad shared with us what keeps him and his team at First Dunes coming back to Viewrail.  The way Chad describes it, it all comes down the “efficiency of the process and consistency of the product.”  Chad appreciates that he can get his orders processed fast and painlessly, and he finds peace of mind in knowing that he has consistent product support for years to come.

Custom Everything

  • Side mount and slim side mounting solutions
  • Custom nosing for seamless transitions
  • Patented Onyx rods, as modern as it gets
  • Every product and system made custom for your project

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