Modern, Minnesota Barnhouse

Inside Amy Matthews' Scandinavian-Inspired Home, named "2021 Idea House" by This Old House

Amy Matthews is a general contractor and TV personality whose Scandinavian-inspired, modern barnhouse was named “2021 Idea House” by This Old House.

We sat down with Amy to discuss the design ethos for her new home, her knowledge of Scandinavian design principles, and why she loves her new floating stairs and glass railings. When it comes to light, texture, color, and design, Amy has a bold vision and the expertise to execute.


Bring the Outside In

“I wanted anyone who is experiencing this house to feel like they are one with nature, no matter where they’re standing in the space,” Matthews said.

To pull it off, Amy fitted the house with more than 1,800 square feet of glass – including glass railings on her balconies and floating stairs.

“It doesn’t interrupt your design, so wherever or whatever type of design you’re creating in a space, the glass will always work,” she assured.

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Modern, Scandinavian Magic

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From “Piecemeal” to “Masterpiece”

“I had this vision in my mind… but I would have piecemealed it together. There’s no way that I would have had a system that was done right, but also done like a piece of art,” Amy beamed

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