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What is an Open Tread Staircase?

An open tread staircase (or open riser staircase), is a staircase that features a modern or contemporary tread attached to a metal stair stringer. The stringer creates the illusion that the staircase is floating and that the riser gap is entirely open. The tread is typically a larger tread that supports the contemporary aesthetic of the staircase. Our Treads are made to pair with our Floating Stairs.

How Thick are Your Treads?

Our thick treads range in sizes from 1 1/2″ being the smallest to 4″ thick being the largest. 1 1/2″ is typically the smallest tread you’ll find where as 4″ is usually larger than most. Standard thickness for modern stair treads are 3″.

What wood species are these treads available in?

Our thick treads are available in over 15 different wood species AND have many more stain options. See the full wood species list for stair treads. Just to name a few: Red Oak, Walnut, Tigerwood, White Oak, & many more! Or, you can check out our Modern Stair Tread Visualizer!

Do You Sell Tread Brackets For Metal Stair Stringers?

We do not sell tread brackets individually, but we do sell an entire floating stair kit that includes custom tread brackets. This allows us to recessed the tread. By recessing the tread it further enhances the floating look. For more information to answer your question check out our metal stair stringer.

LOVE that thick tread LOOK?
Treads in any size and over 25 species
Carefully crafted with excellence in the U.S.A.
We also offer handmade textures: Distressed
...and Hand Scraped

If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your floating staircase, consider using thick stair treads. These modern wood stair treads are crafted from high-quality hardwoods capable of withstanding a lifetime of wear. These treads are frequently seen on floating stair systems and, with a full selection of species and stains, provide a striking accent to any room. Quality craftsmanship and classic style create a look that will last.

Viewrail’s Modern Thick Treads are the superior indoor stair tread; they’re built by cutting, planing, and gluing pieces of premium hardwoods together, using only industry best practices. This process creates treads with unique wood grains and stunning finishes. for more information on our modern stair treads click here.

To add character and that “lived-in feel” to your staircase, check out the distressed stair treads or hand scraped stair treads. Hand scraped and distressed stair treads can be made from any of our available wood species.

Viewrail offers thick treads in over 15 different wood species including white & red oak, walnut, and brazilian cherry. Wondering which wood species is best for your staircase? Learn here which wood species works best on floating stairs.

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