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Rod railing with aluminum posts

Stainless Steel Rod railing is changing the game of modern railing design. Its non-porous surface, steel strength, and non-corrosive durability make it the top deck or stair railing choice.

Signature Rod Railing

Rod Railing with black railing posts and handrail

Meet the stunning alternative to cable railing. Viewrail’s Signature Stainless Steel Rod Railing is perfect for any home with its modern style. With Rods, Installation has never been easier and its hardware is completely stainless steel to help this system last a lifetime.

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Onyx Rod Railing

Close Up of Onyx Rods

The first all-black system of its kind, Onyx rods are a premier offering within our Signature Line. The rods are powder-coated black, and they’re safe for curved or interior applications.

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RodTite Installation

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