Hidden Fasteners For Cable Railing Systems

If you are looking at installing a cable railing system on your project, you likely have a great view. Whether you want to be able to see from your second floor balcony into the first floor living room or from your deck to the ocean, preservation of that view is important.

Cable railing is a great choice for these applications because of it’s clean, horizontal lines. But not all cable railing kits are created equal. Many come with clunky looking hardware that seems out of place with such a modern design. They have components that protrude up to 6” off the post, obstructing the view you’re trying to preserve.

Hidden Deck Railing Fasteners - Cable Railing With Wood Posts

In response to this clunky hardware, we engineered kits for metal and wood posts that give you totally hidden fasteners. All of our metal post fasteners are designed to be hidden inside of the post, giving you totally unobstructed views. Our flagship wood cable railing system, DriveTite , uses a minimalist stainless steel cover to keep the same elegant aesthetic.

Hidden Fastener Hardware speeds installation

We’ve talked about how hidden cable railing fasteners are a natural complement to open concept designs, but you may not know that it can speed up installation time too! Since we predrill our metal posts to specifically work with our hidden fastener systems, all you have to do is mount the posts and run the cable.

Turning corners in one post instead of two lets you save cost and keep the project as simple as possible. At the bottom of this page, we’ll show you how our Inside Post Mount Kit allows you to turn corners in one post while keeping the cables on the same plane. You can do this on level to level and even angle to level applications!

Hidden Deck Railing Fasteners - Modern Cable Railing System

How are Cable railing kits hidden?

For years, exterior railing systems did not display the same elegance and quality workmanship as interior systems. You would never dream of allowing fasteners to protrude from your interior staircase. But for some reason, this was acceptable on deck railings or outdoor staircases.

Hidden fasteners changed the exterior railing game — by bringing the same level of craftsmanship to outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones.

Read on to learn more about the three railing kits that feature hidden fasteners for cable railing posts.

Level Tension Kit

Level Tension Kits work by securing one end of a cable wire within the post. This way, no fasteners are visible to the exterior eye. Your Level Tension kit contains three different pieces of cable railing hardware — simplifying the installation process and saving you valuable time:

  • The Tension Receiver
  • The Threaded Crimp Fitting
  • The Steel Insert Sleeve

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Watch the animation below to see how these components fit together:


Angle Tension Kit

The Angle Tension Kit is similar to the Level Tension Kit but is designed to be installed on a stairway or other angle application. Just like the level application, the cables are secured inside the post. The only differences are that it utilizes an angle washer that goes on the backside of the post and it uses an adhesive sleeve. The components in the Angle Tension Kit are:

  • The Tension Receiver
  • The Threaded Crimp Fitting
  • The Adhesive Sleeve
  • The Angle Washer

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Watch the below animation to see how this gets installed:

Inside Post Mount Kit

The Inside Post Mount Kit solves a big problem with cable rail. Most systems require two posts to turn a corner — but this kit does it with just one post.

In other words, this Key Mount hardware does three things:

    • Preserve your view
    • Reduce the installation of an extra post
  • Reduce your cost

Your Inside Post Mount kit contains three pieces of cable railing hardware, making installation simple. Make sure to use the correct posts with these kits (these posts are “C” “F” and “R” posts). We drill these with 5/16″ holes.

The cable is threaded through the Termination Washer and crimped onto the cable stop. The washer is turned diagonally, allowing both the washer and Cable Stop to insert into the hole and then turn 90 degrees so that it won’t come out. Once tension is applied to cable by using a Level Tension Kit or Angle Tension Kit on the other end of the run, the Inside Post Mount will pull against the inside wall of the post, making sure it stays inside the post.

The components in this kit are:

  • The Termination Washer Fitting
  • The Cable Stop
  • The Adhesive Sleeve

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Watch the animation below to see how this works:


DriveTite Kit

DriveTite Kits work by securing into the barrel fitting on the exterior of the post. Then, the tensioning screw secures the barrel fitting to the post. The Kit is particularly useful if you have hollow posts or skinny posts — because it only needs 1 ½” of backing material for a strong installation.

Your DriveTite kit contains four pieces of cable railing hardware. These components make installation quick and simple:

  • The Tensioning Screw
  • The Barrel Fitting
  • The Cable Wedge
  • The Surface Cover

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Watch the animation below to see how this works on both a level and angle application.


What’s Next?

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