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Our classic post-to-post system is created for you. We’ve engineered this line to be as simple as possible. Turn a corner or transition upstairs using only one post, with hidden components that keep your cable system as minimal as possible. Our cables are made from highly corrosion resistant stainless steel, so they’ll hold up in exterior environments. Choose from a variety of post mounting styles, powder coating colors, and aluminum or stainless steel materials. We also offer a wide selection of wood handrails, including outdoor options. Get in touch with us to learn how we can design your perfect system. Or shop more cable railing systems.

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Metal Post Installation Guide


Wood Post Installation Guide


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Cable Post Specification & Sizes

Product Function Available In:
5/32″ Cable Wire Railing Infill 100/400 ft. Roll
Level Tension Cable Kit Kit For Level Runs of Cable 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Angle Tension Cable Kit Kit For Angled Runs of Cable 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Inside Post Mount Kit Starts A Run of Cable 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Handrail Sits on top of your post for support 4-20 Feet
Cable Railing Installation Kit For Installing The Cable Hardware 1 Kit Per System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proper Post Spacing?

The proper post spacing for a cable railing system is 4 feet of spacing between each post. We cover all the major railing code for custom Cable railing on our cable railing code page.

How Many Posts Will I Need?

Since we recommend a cable post every 4 feet (to meet cable railing code guidelines) the length of your custom cable project will determine how many posts you will need.

If your project includes stairs or transitions, you may need a few extra posts. If you need help designing your project check out our design help form or call us. Our design experts are ready to help you create the best cable railing system for your home!

If you already have wood posts, check out our cable railing kits for wood posts, DriveTite!

How much does Cable Railing Cost?

A whole cable railing system, including posts, handrail, cable, and hardware, costs about $75-$220 per linear foot. The price of cable railing will vary greatly depending on what type of material you use, whether you use wood or metal posts, and the number of corners and runs of cable you need. See our cable railing cost page for more information.

When Is The Signature Series Right For Me?

The Signature Cable Railing Series is right for you when your project may be more complex than a straight run, or you’re looking for greater customization options. If you have a simple project that needs to be completed soon, our express DIY cable railing system might be right for you!

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