Endurance Thermally Modified Treads

Endurance Thermally Modified Treads


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An Endurance Series Tread is the perfect solution if you are looking to achieve a modern, thick tread look on your outdoor stairs or floating staircase. Endurance Treads come in 36”, 42”, and 48” widths and have been thermally modified to resist moisture, rot, mildew, insects, and the elements. The thermal modification process removes all the excess sugars and moisture from the wood, making it ideal for exterior use. The slats in the treads allow water to run through, preventing water damage and rot. Endurance Treads have no glue joints—they are held together with strong bolts which leave no points of weakness. Endurance Treads pair perfectly with Endurance Series Handrails and Special Application Posts for a complete tread and railing solution.

Endurance treads use thermally modified wood and are 3.5 inches thick with an 11.375″ (11 3/8″) depth and the widths come in 2″ variances from 36-48″.

Given that this is an exterior wood product, we highly recommend applying an exterior rated stain and/or sealant to lengthen the product’s lifespan.

We offer a proprietary, oil-based finish for exterior products like these to protect the product from weather damage and enhance the rich, dark pigment of our thermally treated wood products. Because our finish is oil-based, no additional sealant is required.

If you’d like to purchase a different finish and finish your wood products on site, make sure to purchase an exterior rated, oil-based stain or sealant to ensure the longevity of your product over time.

As with all exterior wood products, we also recommend yearly cleaning and re-application.

Key Features

  • Made for Exterior Use:  Many wood products are designed for interior use and then put outside as an afterthought. The Endurance Series’ thermally modified treads are specifically engineered for exterior performance.
  • Durability:  The thermal modification process removes excess moisture content and sugars from the lumber, meaning there is virtually nothing for insects to eat.
  • Beauty: Endurance Series products have an elegant appearance as soon as they arrive. They will also mature to develop a distinguished silvered grey over time, giving your exterior wood treads an ever-evolving beauty.