Terrace Modern Stair System

Seamless and simple. The essence of a stairway, designed for the modern homeowner. Look at the Terrace system, and all you will see is premium wood floating stairs — no exposed metal or steel components. Terrace is a strong, simple system designed for a modern environment. We build the treads in boxes around a powerful metal mono stringer — giving you the strength of the metal with the warm look of premium wood.

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Next Gen Stairs

Form follows function: that’s one of the main principles of the modern design of our Terrace system. At its core, a stairway is meant to move someone from one floor to another. The Terrace stair strips the stairway down to its essence — with simple, stacked blocks that lead up the flight.

Floating stairs are designed to minimize or hide the supporting structure of the staircase, giving the impression that the stair treads are floating. The Terrace stair takes this look to the next level with thin and minimal pieces.

Design is all about proportion, and that’s what we believe when it comes to the Terrace stair. All the pieces of the staircase are in ratio to each other. The stairs are designed around locally harvested hardwood that have a rich and renewable appearance. With railing systems designed to highlight the geometric shapes, the Terrace stair is all about simplicity. When you look at it, it just feels right.

Terrace Railing Options

All our modern railing options keep the focus on what really matters: the staircase. Choose between clear glass railing, sleek cables, or innovative rod railing.

Viewrail’s Recommended Vedera Glass Railing System opens up the stairs, so you can see the seamless waterfall cascade of the beautiful wood. Clear glass panels are attached to the treads with hidden fasteners, so the glass looks like it’s slicing through the rectangular boxes. With no exposed metal components, it looks like it springs naturally out of the system.

Cable and rod railing are other options in the horizontal railing industry. Thin lines secure the staircase, without distracting from the simple shape of the Terrace stair box tread. Each railing option provides a truly minimal look that allows you to see from one side of the home to the other — perfect for modern, open-concept homes.

Building Blocks – Box Treads

Terrace treads are seamlessly connected to the riser. There’s no nosing, and no exposed metal, so the staircase looks like one floating piece of wood. It’s as if the treads and risers grew together. Smooth and minimalistic, the look takes the floating staircase to the next level.

Ordinary treads are made with nosing: a rounded edge at the end of the tread. The Terrace treads, however, have a waterfall aesthetic instead, so the look is completely continuous. Our Terrace stair treads are all made from the finest domestic hardwoods, capable of withstanding a lifetime of wear. Choose between:

  • Hard Maple
  • Red Oak
  • Wheat Oak
  • White Oak
  • Walnut
  • American Cherry
  • Hickory


All the parts of your staircase will arrive in boxes, ready to install. Each component is pre-cut and pre-drilled to fit your project, so there’s no need for onsite welding or drilling. The system arrives in crates in essentially three pieces: the bottom, the top, and the stringer.

The basic structure of the staircase is made out of engineered (or composite) woods. These woods don’t warp or move as much as organic woods. This allows the overall structure to start out straighter and truer to dimension.

From start to finish, our designers and engineers create Terrace stairs with the installer in mind. The whole system can be assembled by anyone from DIY homeowners to contractors. You don’t need any woodworking skills, because we pre-drill all holes, and do all the sanding, cutting, fitting and finishing in-house. We choose the location and style of the fasteners, and complete the fittings at the joints where pieces come together — so nothing needs to be done on the job-site.

Your only job? To assemble the system, and we include easy-to-follow instructions to help you in this process.

Check out our flagship floating Staircase system: Viewrail FLIGHT Mono Stringer stair kits

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