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Our Most Awe-Inspiring Floating Stair System

Our Most Awe-Inspiring Floating Stair System

TERRACE is reminiscent of the terraced fields of the Douro Valley in Portugal, the birthplace of port wine. The ingenious TERRACE system features a rigid dual steel stringer concealed in a series of stacked hardwood treads to create a modern floating stair with no visible fasteners. Adding to the wow-factor is our Vedera glass railing system, which traverses the edge of the tread with no visible hardware. TERRACE is shipped in pre-assembled tread sections for modularity and ease-of-install.

From inspiration to installation, we’ll take care of everything.

Say goodbye to countless contractors and endless timelines. Your floating stairs are custom-made to fit your space, and can be installed by our expert team in as little as one day.

1. Design

You select finishes, materials, and a stair system that are perfect for your home.

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2. Engineer

Our team of experts designs a stair system for your space.

3. Manufacture

We manufacture your system in the USA. And we do it fast.

4. Install

Fast, safe, hassle-free installation that takes as little as one day.

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