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5 Gorgeous Cable Patio Railing Ideas You’ll Love

Cable Patio Railing

Patios are a place to unwind, socialize, sit with a good book, or just take in the scenery. The perfect patio isn’t complete without the perfect modern railing to enhance the airy atmosphere and views.

Cable railings combine the best in safety and modern style, giving you a patio you’ll love for years to come, without sacrificing the view of your surroundings.

Design Considerations

When designing a cable patio railing, it’s important to take a number of factors into consideration to make sure the railing is safe, durable, and will look like new for a long time.

Measurement and Number of Posts

To choose a railing confidently, the first step is to decide on the path of the railing and calculate the number of posts you’ll need. Depending on the manufacturer you work with, a transition from the patio to stairs or other surfaces may require more posts. However, at Viewrail, we’ve custom-engineered a single-post solution to make the job easier and less expensive. Posts should be installed at least every four feet to meet cable railing building codes.


Viewrail offers three systems to choose from: the Express DIY Cable Railing, the Signature Cable Railing System and the DriveTite Cable Railing System. Each system is specifically designed to make cable railing installation as easy and efficient as possible.

Express DIY Cable Railing

If you’re the adventurous type, and like to tackle these types of projects yourself, then the Express DIY kit is the perfect, no-frills cable railing system for you. This budget-friendly system is ready to ship within a few days and includes all the hardware you need for DIY installation, though it has fewer customization options than the Signature system.

Signature Cable Railing

The Signature system is our classic post-to-post system that we’ve engineered to be as simple as possible. If your project is more complex than a simple straight-run patio, this system can tackle stairs and transitions with ease. It also comes with a variety of post mounting styles, powder coating colors, and the choice of aluminum or stainless steel materials. Each Signature system is specifically designed for your project, so you know it’ll be perfect for your needs.

DriveTite Cable Railing

Already have existing wood patio railing posts? Or, are you looking to install wood posts for a rustic feel? Then the DriveTite kit could be right for you. Our patented DriveTite kits are available in Level and Angle options that are drilled into your existing wood posts, hiding the cable wire ends and components inside the cylindrical covers. This system takes a little more technical know-how, but with resources like our installation instruction binder and step-by-step YouTube guide, you’ll have all the guidance you need to install this system.


After you take your measurements and decide on your cable patio railing kit, it’s time to move on to handrails for the final touch. Our handrails come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and profiles to ensure you find the perfect handrail for your project.

5 Gorgeous Patio Railing Ideas

1. Pair with a Pergola

Pair Cable Patio Railing with a Pergola

For this urban patio project, the home blends classic red brick with modern stainless steel components, black powder coating on the posts, and thin lines of cable to create an updated, 21st-century feel. The pergola adds the right touch of shade without blocking the sunlight, and the cable railing provides safety without obscuring city views.

2. Choose a Bright Finish

Choose Cable Railing with a Bright Finish

This cable railing system features a round metal handrail, making it the perfect choice to preserve the views while ensuring safety and longevity. The bright finish gleams in the sunlight and highlights the clean lines and rounded profile of the handrail. Not pictured is the smaller balcony, located just above this one, with an identical railing system that results in effortless design continuity.

3. Follow the Path of the Patio

Follow the Path of the Patio With The Cable Railing

For a patio that features an angled edge, this versatile steel cable railing kit is up to the challenge. It uses an extra post on each corner that allows the railing to follow the edge of the patio. The stainless steel posts are corrosion-resistant, and the wood handrail matches the wood of the deck to create design continuity.

4. Sleek Lines and Minimal Design

Sleek Lines and Minimal Design

This straight plank decking complements the modern cable railing and minimal sleek profile of the handrail. To preserve as much of the decking area as possible, the side-mounted cable posts — pictured here in “Speedboat Silver” — connect to the side of the patio, hiding the mounting plate and hardware from view. This design allows the homeowners to take full advantage of this incredible view of Silicon Valley.

5. Transition from Patio to Stairs with Ease

Transition from Patio to Stairs with Ease

Our steel cable railing kit for patios makes it easy to install railings at an angle, so they’re perfect to carry the look from the patio railing to the staircase. Whether you’re spanning long lengths of a patio, turning corners, or following stairs, our railings will go wherever you need them.

Choose Viewrail for Beautiful Cable Railing Designs

With three cable railing systems to choose from, Viewrail has everything you need to create an amazing cable patio railing. Sleek, modern, and durable, our cable patio railings will stand up to any environment for years to come.

Contact our Viewrail experts today to start planning your cable patio railing!