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RodTite (Onyx)

RodTite (Onyx)


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The Onyx RodTite Kit is used to attach our 1/4″ Onyx Rods into a wood structure. Most common uses are into wood decking posts, a framed out portion of wall, or larger support columns. Sleek and easy to use, this makes installation go quickly!

RodTite Kit Includes:
1 – RodTite Cover
1 – RodTite Receiver,
1 – RodTite Receiver Screw,
1 – RodTite Turn Buckle,
1 – Rod Threaded Crimp Fitting

Each Angle Kit (1 pack) includes:

1 – Rod Threaded Crimp Fitting
1 – RodTite Angle Mount
1 – RodTite Angle Receiver
1 – RodTite Angle Set Screw
1 – RodTite Receiver Screw
1 – RodTite Turn Buckle
1 – RodTite Cover

*Make sure to purchase the Rod Installation Kit, RodTite Wrench, Angle Grinder and T-25 Bit*