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Level Rod Anchor Kit (Onyx)

Level Rod Anchor Kit (Onyx)


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The Onyx Level Rod Anchor Kit Includes:

  • Onyx Level Rod Anchor
  • Onyx Rod Threaded Crimp Fitting

The Onyx Level Rod Anchor Kit consists of Onyx Level Rod Anchors and Onyx Rod Threaded Crimp Fittings. The Onyx Level Rod Anchor is a small fitting designed to crimp onto the rods and terminate into posts without providing tension. When paired with the Onyx Angle Rod Anchor Kit, the Onyx Level Rod Anchor Kit allows for corners and transitions between angled and level rod runs.  These fittings do not provide tension on the rods, so must be appropriately paired with a tensioned post on the other end of the run.

Make sure to purchase the Level Rod Anchor Tool if using these kits.