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5 Modern Stair Projects We Love

What makes a staircase modern? Opinions vary. Some say it’s the infill choice, the type of railing and posts you use to hold up your handrail. Others say it’s the stair treads. One clear mark of modernity is the open riser staircase. This design uses spaces between each stair step to create that minimal look that’s become such a classic hallmark of modern design.

No matter how you define it, modern stair design is all about innovation and creating fresh ideas, without sacrificing safety or longevity. There are many different styles of contemporary stair design. Here are a few of our favorites.

Endurance Rods for a Contemporary Home

The owners of this modern home needed to install a stairway. The placement meant that the stairs would act as a separator between the kitchen and dining area. Using a traditional staircase would block off the two rooms, obstructing the open-concept look of the home. So, they chose to go with a modern floating staircase.

The system shipped quickly, and installation was a breeze. We shipped our thick stair treads pre-drilled, so they were easy to install on site. Viewrail Cable with upgraded Endurance rod infill came with easy-to-follow instructions showing how to tension and set up the system, so the entire process was painless for the homeowners to work through themselves.

What We Love About This Modern Look

The final look is incredible. We love the way this stair system keeps the cohesive, open-concept look of the home. Hidden fasteners keep all the tensioning screws and technology out of sight, so all you see is the thin, straight lines of the rods. Plus, the white oak floating stair treads complement the wood floors and table in the home. This was truly an ideal location for a floating staircase.