Cable Railing Posts

A sturdy cable railing post is essential for any effective railing system. It hides the connecting components neatly inside, hold the tension for the lines of cable, and anchors the entire system to the deck, balcony, or stairs.Post come in standard sizes of 36″, 39″, and 42″, but can be built custom for your project. If you have an interior cable railing system, you’ll require a very different post material than if you have a coastal application. That’s why we offer a variety of post materials and finishes to meet your custom needs.

Design Help

Each cable railing post is available pre-drilled in both stainless steel and aluminum. Order aluminum posts in either interior or exterior options. Stainless steel posts can be specially ordered for either interior, exterior, or extreme coastal projects. Further customize your post with different finish options. Accessorize with post foot covers that conceal the mounting screws, and top it all off with metal or wood handrail.

Pre-drilled Cable railing posts can hide all the components needed to tension one end of a run of cable. That means with just one post, you can turn a corner. Use Victor to draw your layout and get started creating your own design or find more on cable railing

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