Onyx Rod Railing System

Onyx Rod Railing is our patented and trend-setting modern farmhouse railing system. Boasting all of the same advantages of our Signature Rod Railing System, the only difference is that Onyx Rods have a premium matte black powder coat finish. The first all-black system of its kind, Onyx rods are a premier offering within our Signature Line. The hollow rods are 1/4″ in diameter and either made from 304 Stainless Steel (Standard) or 2205 Stainless Steel (Coastal) — meaning that they are highly durable, corrosion resistant, and made to last a lifetime. From components and hardware to the rod infill itself, Onyx is a complete system. Shop the entire line online and get the most stylish stainless steel railing system today with Viewrail’s black Onyx rod railing.

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Product Information:

Onyx is the latest and most innovative of our patented products, boasting bold design with clean lines. These 304 Stainless Steel rods are great for both interior and exterior projects, as long as your outdoor project is not within 10 miles of the coast. If you have a project within 10 miles of the coast or are exposed to high UV radiation, Coastal Onyx Rods are a great solution. Its beauty is surpassed only by its durability. After years in the cable railing industry, we took everything we learned and sought to make a brand new, improved railing option that had all the benefits of cable without the weaknesses. Our Rod Railing will not sag over time, it maintains its tension and spring, and can be bent to turn a radius. Finally, this is our easiest system to install, cutting install time in half when compared to comparable cable railing projects. Best of all, it clocks in at the same price point as cable.  
Product Function Available In:
1/4″ Onyx Rods Railing Infill 4′ – 20′ in 2′ Increments
Onyx Level Tension Kit Tensioning For Level Runs 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Onyx Angle Tension Kit Tensioning For Angle Runs 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Onyx Level Rod Anchor Kit For Support From Angle to Level Transitions 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Onyx Angle Rod Anchor Kit For Support From Level to Angle Transitions 1 pack or 10/11/12 packs
Rod Railing Installation Kit For Installing Your Rod Railing System 1 Kit per System
Angle Grinder Trim & Modify Rods 1 Grinder Per System

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Onyx Rods?
Onyx Rod Railing is an alternative style to our Signature Rod Railing line. In the Onyx line, every part of the system from the rods to the hardware is black so that you can achieve an entirely black railing system.
How Do The Onyx Components Work?
The Onyx Rod Railing components work the exact same way as the components in the Signature Rod Railing line. However, we use an oxidation process to make the components black so that the entire system has a black, uniform look.
Is Onyx A Safe Exterior Railing System?
Yes! The 304 Stainless Steel rods are powder coated black and are great for an exterior project. However, if your project is within 10 miles of the coast or exposed to high UV radiation, Coastal Onyx Rods are required.
How much are Onyx Rods?
Onyx rod railing is $135-$185 per linear foot for an aluminum system. Prices vary based on whether you have stairs as part of your system, how many corners you have, and other project specific conditions.

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