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Stainless Steel Rod Railing Post Material Costs

One of the biggest factors in how much your rod railing project will cost is which material your posts will be made out of. An aluminum post system will typically cost $110-$150 per linear foot depending on corners and rod run lengths. A 304 stainless steel post system will cost about $150-$200 per linear foot. A 2205 duplex stainless steel post system will cost about $200-$250 per linear foot. These are rough estimates, not guarantees. Because there are so many factors in your rod railing project’s cost, it will be almost impossible to get an accurate estimate without a formal quote.

Rod Railing on outdoor patio area with restaurant chairs

Aluminum, Cable, & Stainless Steel Posts

Each material type has its merits and each is best in different scenarios. An aluminum system is a budget-friendly option that is ideal for indoor projects. However, with a fluoropolymer powder coat, aluminum posts can go outdoors and relatively near water. A 304 stainless steel system is ideal for outdoor projects that won’t see salt or water. It is also perfect if you want an indoor brushed stainless steel look. A 2205 duplex stainless steel system is the strongest and most corrosion-resistant system. 2205 duplex stainless steel is the same material that is used on deep sea oil rigs. It will stand up to the elements in coastal applications, and last for years to come.

Up close picture of rod railing rods on a deck near the water with grass in the background

Corners Add Cost

A general rule of thumb for planning out the cost of your rod railing project is that corners will add cost. It costs less for rods to simply run through posts than it does to terminate a line of rods in a post. This is because the end of a run is where the rod is tensioned. Each time a rod ends, you will need hardware to hold the tension which will add cost to your total project. The length of your project will also determine cost. The longer your project, the more materials will be required.

Rod Railing vs. Cable Railing

Each rod in the rod railing system is also made from 2205 duplex stainless steel. This will make rod railing a bit more expensive than cable railing upfront ($200 vs. $100), but the savings over time are key. Since these rods are non-porous and made from such a strong material, they won’t rust or decay. They don’t have grooves or points of weakness like cable railing. Rods take much less time to install than cable, saving you on installation costs. Maintenance and upkeep of the rods is as simple as using the Marine 31 cleaning solution every six months or so. The rods won’t sag, and are easily retensioned without having to take the entire system apart.

Rod Railing does not sag, maintains its tension, and can be bent to turn a radius for curved railings, stairs, and other unique applications. It is perfect for marine applications and matches perfectly with Viewrail’s other stainless steel product offerings. It is easy to install, and has a corrosion-resistant surface. Rod railing is a great choice for any modern project, whether it is interior or exterior. Design your rod railing project today.

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