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3/4″ Thick Replacement Tread

3/4″ Thick Replacement Tread


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When renovating a stairway, the existing treads often have to be replaced. Some people choose to remove the nosing of the existing tread and put new replacements treads on top. Sometimes they remove the existing tread altogether, exposing the construction surface underneath. In either of these situations, a replacement tread can be used to fit overtop the existing surface and provide a new, beautiful stair surface. These can provide a great base on which to mount any of Viewrail’s modern railing systems.

Key Features

  • 3/4″ Body, 1 1/2″ Thick Nose
  • 11 1/4″ Front to Back Depth
    • Covers a 10″ Deep Surface
    • 1 1/4″ Nosing
  • 1/2″ Round Over
  • Solid, Stain-Grade Wood Species
  • Multiple Sizing Options
  • Multiple Finish Options

Note, wood products may have varying amounts of staves due to the varying thicknesses of lumber that comes in each bunk and the width of the product.

Additional Style Options

Returned Edges cover end grain, while also adding decorative flair. There are three configurations of returned edges available to cover the exposed edges of Wood Stair Treads: Left, Right, and Double. NOTE: If both sides of the stair treads fit against a wall, you do not need returned edges.

To determine if a Left or Right Returned edge is required, stand at the bottom of the stairway and look up. If the right side is exposed, then you need a Right Returned Edge. If the left side is exposed, then you need a Left Returned Edge.

Double Return stair treads are needed when both edges of the tread are exposed. This style of tread requires a special measurement called the “throat cut”, which you will need to provide when you place your order. To find the throat cut of your Double Return tread, measure the length between the inside of the Left and Right Returned Edges.

Interior Use Only

This product may contain glue joints and is designed for interior use only.