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Rod Angle Tension End

Rod Angle Tension End


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The Angle Tension End contains everything you need to be able to tension one end of a rod going at an angle.

1 – Tension Receiver
1 – Threaded Crimp Fitting
1 – Angle Washer

The railing on your stairway deserves to look just as good as the railing on your deck or balcony. If you have one or more open walls on your stairway, you’ll be stunned by how much open space you create by installing a horizontal railing. That, coupled with the sturdiness and sleek style of rods, will make you want to show off your stairway.

This kit includes three components: a tension receiver, threaded crimp fitting, and an angle washer. The threaded crimp fitting inserts into the rod and is crimped on, ensuring that it won’t pull out. Then, by threading it into the tension receiver, you get seamless active tensioning. The angle washer will ensure that the tension receiver sits flush against the back of your post, giving it a polished, intentional look.

These components are crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for lasting beauty and strength. If you are purchasing our 36″ tall posts purchase a 10 pack for each tensioning post. For 39″ posts purchase an 11 pack, and for 42″ posts purchase a 12 pack.

This is Viewrail’s newest product. If you love the rod railing look but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call. The product is continuously being refined and we may have the solution you need.


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