Viewrail Price Protection Plan

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We’ve been in the building industry long enough to know timelines aren’t always concrete. We created the Viewrail Price Protection Plan to make sure you can get the best pricing available, even if a project gets stalled, or you aren’t ready to start right away. Here’s how it works:
  • If you place an order with a down payment, Viewrail will honor your initial order price for a period of six months. Beginning in the seventh month, Viewrail will assess a 1% price increase to the total order each month.
  • Any order remaining open after 24 months will be subject to repricing.
  • If the costs of goods sold increases by 25% or more at any time, Viewrail reserves the right to reprice or cancel the order.
With the Price Protection Plan, you can take advantage of lower pricing without worrying about whether you’ll have to go through the entire quote process again in a few months when you’re ready to start.

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