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Not All Laminated Glass is the Same

When it comes to laminated glass panels, there are generally three types:

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) performs well in high moisture conditions, but doesn’t resist UV rays as well as other options. When broken, EVA glass folds over, but the glass remains attached without spreading around. EVA is Viewrail’s solution for interior projects.
PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) resists UV rays well, but does not perform well in high-moisture environments – it tends to delaminate when moisture enters the glass. Like EVA, PVB folds over when broken, but the glass remains adhered together.
SGP (Sentry Glass Plus) is the gold standard of laminated glass panels, especially for commercial spaces and structures located in hurricane zones. SGP performs well in high moisture conditions and is highly resistant to UV rays. Even more importantly, SGP is 100x stiffer than EVA or PVB. So, if a glass panel is broken by weather or some other external force, the panel will not fold over, maintaining the integrity of the structure. Plus, SGP’s strength allows you to use thinner, lighter panels without worrying about durability. SGP is VIewrail’s solution for exterior projects.

SGP: The Clear Choice

At Viewrail, we’re not interested in cutting corners. Every system we make is engineered to last a lifetime. That’s why we use SGP glass on any system needing the strongest, most durable glass. In the end, it may come with a slightly larger price tag, but given its strength, durability, and visual consistency, the added value far outweighs the cost.

  • 5x stronger than traditional laminated glass
  • Tolerates high stress loads, reducing the need for additional supports
  • Moisture-resistant, eliminating the need for edge framing
  • UV-resistant, eliminating any fear of a cloudy or yellowing interlayer
  • Panels with a butt-joint will not cloud or have edge defects
  • Thinner, larger panels of SGP still absorb more impact than other options

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Is Laminated Glass Railing Safe?

Believe it or not, glass railing is the strongest option on the market – even stronger than cable or rod railing – making it incredibly safe, especially if you are using SGP laminated glass panels. That said, there are still a few things to pay attention to when considering glass railing.

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