Lakeside Dream House (Exterior) Glass Railing

Glass Railing

The security and modern style of glass railing on this home is breathtaking.


The contractor for this Union Pier lake home had several problems to solve. He needed:

  1. An upscale glass railing system for the staircases on either side of the deck
  2. An unobtrusive railing system for the catwalk that would line it securely while keeping the walking space clear, and
  3. A strong railing system to surround the rooftop deck that would hold up to lake effect winds — without blocking guest’s panoramic views of Lake Michigan.

Viewrail had everything he needed.

Cable railing was the perfect solution for both beach staircases. Its hidden fasteners tuck the mounting components away into the posts, securing both stairways with simple, open-concept lines.

Glass railing was the best choice for the catwalk and rooftop deck. The glass baserail system locks each panel firmly in place, making installation easy and allowing them to hold up under lake effect winds. The contractor was also able to recess the baserail into the deck itself to preserve walking space along the catwalk — and keep the deck views wide open.

If the contractor had gone with a typical deck railing system, the wooden posts would have clashed harshly with the sleek, modern look of the lake home. Instead, Viewrail’s cable and glass railing provided exceptional security, while enhancing the panoramic views of Lake Michigan.

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