Viewrail FLIGHT – A Builder’s Perspective

Floating Stairs, Rod Railing

Viewrail FLIGHT & the BUILD Show: a perfect combination.


Custom home builder Matt Risinger brought his team to this finished home just outside Chicago to watch and film the Viewrail process. Matt loved the beauty of this modern staircase — and he could not stop talking about how the entire rail and stair system installed in just one day.

“It’s a very impressive system at their factory. They’ve really got it down. And they’re pumping out a bunch of staircases every day.”

From the very start, this installation was characterized by one word: simple. The homeowner gave us one dimension: finished floor to finished floor. We took that and gave him shop drawings and samples. Once he signed off, the magic began.

The house was finished, so we had to be careful not to damage the fascia around the staircase during install. We stationed two people at the footer of the stringer and two at the header. They bolted the stringer into place, then we dropped the treads on the brackets and screwed them in using pre-drilled mounting holes. The components went in without as much as scratching the surrounding surfaces.

“The beauty for me as a builder is that I don’t have multiple trades involved. I don’t have to take multiple weeks out of my jobsite time to have a welder on-site. Everything here is in boxes and ready to go. I just bolt it together in one day. ”

The railing install was just as simple. We used tread side mount posts on either end of the tread — keeping the steps wide open so guests can easily traverse the staircase. Paired with the slender lines of rod railing, the finished look is minimal, open, and fresh.

This project came together quickly and easily because everything in our factory is tightly managed. Precise computers drive top-of-the-line machinery, so each component arrives at the jobsite perfectly labeled, safely packaged, and prepared for installation..

This entire system— including powder coated center stringer, beautiful maple treads, and railing system— installed at a low cost, with tons of customizable options. In just six weeks, we can go from a signed shop drawing to a shipment that’s ready to go. That’s the Viewrail advantage.

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