Viewrail for Developers & Multi-Unit Builders

Interested in using Viewrail in a new development or multi-family project? We have a team dedicated to your needs.

Premier Staircase & Railing Solutions

Viewrail is the premier supplier of contemporary staircase & railing solutions for builders, developers, and contractors across the United States. We have the ability to service builders and developers working on large projects as well as those concentrating on a few jobs per year. We are a particularly great fit for builders and developers involved in the multifamily market.

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About Us

Turnkey Staircase & Railing Solutions for Builders & Developers

We work with builders and developers across the country that are building large townhomes, condos, and single family developments. Our products are unparalleled in the industry as they provide our clients with a complete, easy to install, modern steel stringer solutions.

Engineered to fit every job and manufactured in our Indiana facilities, our steel stair and railing solutions ship to your site ready to install. No onsite fabrication, no onsite finishing. The design of the Viewrail FLIGHT mono stringer system, with its thick wood treads and railing infill options, will elevate the look and enhance the open-concept feel of any project.

Innovation Brings Modern to the Masses

We’ve engineered solutions that were once reserved for local fabricators and made them available to the entire housing market. Providing us with the critical dimensions, our simplified purchasing experience can deliver you a pre-engineered FLIGHT mono stringer staircase that will arrive on your site ready to be installed. Use our easy-to-follow visual instructions and assemble your complete staircase including mono stringer, thick wood treads and railing of your choice in as little as 1 day.


Spend a day with Chad Gessin, owner of First Dunes, a custom home builder on the East Coast. See how Chad and his team use FLIGHT floating stairs and Onyx rod railings to set their beachfront homes apart in the Hamptons.

Meet Chad

Our Process

1. Planning

From the pre-con phase through construction, we’re available to meet with you and your team to discuss objectives and tactics to elevate your projects and put you ahead of the competition in your market. Staircases and railings are more than just a practical necessity — they’re a design feature that your customers will remember, giving you a decisive edge over the builder down the road.

We’ll work with your team to establish an a la carte menu of options that will make it easy for your customers to choose their favorite materials and finishes. We’ll also provide materials to show how Viewrail products open up floor plans, allowing light to flow through and creating clean sight lines that today’s homebuyers love to see in a new home.

Measuring Handrail

2. Getting Measurements

Typically we work with your site manager, reviewing the measurement form, which we use to gather the critical dimensions required to engineer your products. We would generally do this at frame walk.

3. Send Shop Drawings

We will produce and send shop drawings for verification and sign off. These are usually sent within a week of site measure. Your delegate or site manager then reviews and signs off that the dimensions are accurate as framed, including any additional required information regarding wall/floor surface finishes that may impact the width of the stair opening or other site conditions.

4. Sign Off Begins Production

Once the shop drawings are confirmed and we receive your sign off, production is scheduled and our manufacturing teams get busy creating your products. We currently offer very short lead times so you can get your job completed quickly.

5. Shipment

We typically ship your projects via dedicated carrier, which means that the truck drives straight from our dock to your site. This minimizes damage & loss in transit.

6. Support

Through planning, marketing, ordering, and installation, our team is here to partner with yours to create a relationship that will be profitable for both of us, not to mention thrilling to your homebuyers.

Every first order that goes out for one of our developers or builders we provide unmatched service:

  • In some cases, and if necessary, we offer a site visit to train our customers on how to obtain the critical measurements.
  • Ongoing training for your staff as we develop new products or installation techniques
Benefits of Viewrail Product
Code Compliance

All Viewrail systems are engineered to ensure compliance with IRC or IBC standards. Engineering stamps available for most states.

Engineering Expertise

Have unique engineering challenges on your project? Our Engineering team is happy to answer questions, provide testing results, load capacities, and additional information as needed.

Domestic Manufacturing

Since we manufacture 95% of our products, we are prepared to spring into action when you need to pivot, providing replacement parts as quickly as possible.

US-Based Customer Service

The lights are always on at Viewrail. Your dedicated sales representative is available to answer any questions that arise.

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