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As floating stairs and modern railings become more popular, the increase in demand has been especially strong for commercial applications. The value is gained not only in an amazing modern space, but in an extremely strong and durable solution.

Function and form meet to make Viewrail’s FLIGHT system. With FLIGHT’s extensive testing and multiple configuration options, Viewrail is capable of providing a solution for most commercial settings. The precise engineering ensure the system is built to specifications, and the top notch products promise an unyielding finished product.

Tread Grip Strips

Grip strips are an excellent way to improve the safety of your staircase. Some commercial
environments require them by code — and other times, it’s just a good way to make sure that your
guests will be safe when they’re walking up and down your stairs.

Each sleek grip strips set includes 3 Stainless inset metal strips that can adhere to your stair
tread. They’re available for any of the FLIGHT treads that measure 36” or greater. The most minimal, modern, and clean-looking solution possible, these strips look great on any FLIGHT system.

Glass risers are made from ⅜” thick glass panels. Each panel fits between your stair treads, giving
the impression of an open-riser staircase. This is the perfect product for you if you love the
modern, open-concept stair look, but you need a riser to comply with code.

Each ⅜” thick glass panel is custom engineered to fit the dimensions of your FLIGHT treads. The
risers allow you to comply with code, while maintaining a contemporary look. Ideal for commercial
offices or any other place where you can’t get away with having an open-riser staircase.

Take your floating staircase to the next level of design and innovation with glass risers.

Are Viewrail staircases prefabricated?
Yes. We manufacture each section of your staircase and ship it to you clearly marked and labeled— to ensure quick assembly on site. You’ll receive your straight metal stringer in one piece, and all the tread brackets will come with bolts, so it’s simple to bolt the entire system together.
Can Viewrail staircases be built to code?
All Viewrail staircase components are built to comply with the most recent iteration of the International Builders Code (IBC). We always recommend that you check on your state or local laws to ensure that you are complying with their individual requirements for installation.
What steel is your indoor stringer made from?
Our interior stringers are made of mild steel. We chose this material for its strength and durability. It’s perfect to hold up to the everyday wear and tear of home life.
Can I add a riser?
Yes! We even have a glass option. This pairs exceptionally well with our glass system.
Will I need others to help install the stringer?
Most likely yes, unless you have the right equipment. However, a small team will always help speed up the process of installing a straight stair. Here is a video of a father and son installing an entire project from start to finish!
How much weight can your stringers hold?
Our steel stringers have passed the building code guidelines and this was determined by an independent third-party engineering firm. In fact, a straight stair can hold over 10,000 pounds of weight. Our founder, Len Morris, actually tested this out himself in a live Facebook video.
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