Cable Railing for a Southern Home

Cable Railing

It was easy to install cable railing into existing wooden posts with the DriveTite Exterior Kit.

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The owners of this charming southern home decided to use their existing wooden posts to create a stainless steel cable railing system. Each bright white post is adorned with the subtle stainless steel components from DriveTite Exterior — an installation kit for cables. The kit sped up the installation process and makes the final project look great. Use Surface on vinyl, composite sleeved, or other solid posts at least 2 1/2″ thick. You can even use it on hollow posts with as little as 1 1/2″ of mounting material. DriveTite cable railing will speed up your installation while providing you with stunning views. Give it a try and see why contractors and DIYers are so in love with this revolutionary new system.

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