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Calc Package Offerings

What is a calculation package and why is it needed?
A calculation (calc) package is a set of documents that can be comprised of any combination of test reports, engineering calculations, product certifications (ICC Report), or supporting information that demonstrates the product complies with the building code requirements for that particular project. 

What about ICC certifications?
Certain Viewrail products have ICC certifications through evaluation reports. These reports demonstrate to the code official that the product, when installed under the specific conditions listed in the ICC report, will meet the code requirements for the local jurisdiction. Learn more about our ICC certifications.

How much does a calc package cost?
A calc package costs $5,000 plus an additional $1,000 per floor. This includes one free package revision. This is not considered to be a down payment, nor will it be credited towards the project. Calc packages are never discounted. 

What about shop drawings?
Detailed shop drawings are not included in the calc package but are available for an additional $2,500. 

Important notes about calc packages:
If we cannot provide a calc package for a product or application, it does not necessarily mean that the product, when installed in the required configuration, will not meet code. It simply means that Viewrail has not been able to test or perform the required engineering analysis to prove it meets the requirements of the building code. 

Calc packages will not include information on how to attach to a customer’s structure or what fasteners should be used for that attachment. The Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) for the customer’s structure is responsible for this.
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