National modern stair and railing company offers architects an effortless experience

Architects can now easily spec Viewrail, the leading modern stair and railing manufacturer in the country, thanks to new seamless, efficient, and streamlined processes. 

“We take the worry and stress out of building a modern, custom stair and railing system. It’s never been easier,” said Len Morris, Viewrail CEO. “The processes that we have put in place allow for high customization, incredible lead times, code-compliance, and ease of installation.”

Viewrail offers custom stain match options, remote design, and significant control to be exercised by the architect and the client. BIM files and 3D renderings are prepared with Viewrail’s own proprietary software, and integrate seamlessly with architects’ workflow.

All systems are made in-house with quality craftsmanship. When it comes to the manufacturing process, companies typically only handle one stage – one prepares raw materials, another creates the product, and a third delivers the product. Viewrail exercises control over all stages  – a practice called vertical integration. In this way, the company ensures quality, responsible sourcing, and sustainable production throughout.

It is widely accepted that to get anything done in the building industry, a company is going to have to wait – usually for months at a time, and talk to countless different people. They need to find a design specialist, a metal fabricator, source treads and handrail, wait for everything to come on-site, and figure out how all these separate components are supposed to work together.

“What we’ve done is completely streamlined the process,” said Morris. “Everything, from how our floating stair systems are designed to how they arrive on-site, is done with the client in mind.”

The Viewrail engineering team works closely with organizations like the International Code Council (ICC) to ensure that the product is code compliant in every scenario. Reports from these companies serve as a basis for using or approving certified products in construction projects; most notably by those in the building profession. 

Current Viewrail products with ICC certification include the FLIGHT floating stair system, cable and rod infill with surface mount posts and universal top metal handrail options, base rail, surface talons, standoff pins, and accompanying hardware.

Teams of highly skilled installers are also available to assemble the system at the job site in select regions in the country.