Sustainability at Viewrail

Our journey toward a cleaner environment

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is how to properly care for our environment. As part of our sustainability initiatives, we’ve found various ways to help create a longer-lasting space, so we can continue to grow as a community. With steps like reducing the use of plastic, creating our own solar energy, and responsibly using the resources around us, we’re able to contribute to the betterment of our environment.

Our office buildings use solar energy to power their systems.
We limit the use of plastic for packaging, replacing it with other environmentally friendly materials.
We care for our resources and help to give back by planting trees around our facilities.
Viewrail wood production facility

Recycle & Redistribute

Our recycling redistributing systems take many forms. We are able to recycle old or unused metal materials for new systems. By melting down and recreating systems, we eliminate excessive waste. For unused wood products, we create better, safer shipping containers for fragile systems. Nothing goes to waste.

Together we can make an impact

We know the impact we have on our planet, not only as a company, but as human beings. We want to help create a healthy environment for the next generation through simple, yet impactful steps.

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