1-1/2″ Round Metal Handrail

1-1/2″ Round Metal Handrail


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1-1/2″ handrail is designed with safety in mind. This is commonly used in commercial and residential settings when a guardrail is required or desired at 42″ and a handrail is needed at the 34-38″ mark for handrail code. 1-1/2″ is the most common form of handrail and it is often welded onsite. At Viewrail, we carry a variety of fittings that will allow you to make your handrail completely continuous or to have returns if so desired. The possibilities are almost completely endless with this system.

Our round handrail is available in 316 Stainless Steel, and can be finished in our Brushed Stainless finish, or have a powder coat applied (Powder Coated Black, White, Fashion Gray, or Copper Vein).

Order your handrail with finished ends, connect long sections, or apply finished ends on the job site.