ViewrailTM Policies:

At ViewrailTM, we strive to provide the best possible information to assist customers when they are placing their order. In addition to the info on our website, we offer advice via phone & email, however please remember ViewrailTM is not the “on site” installer and therefore cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of your final parts list. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the parts list (order) will work in his or her project. If the customer is unsure of any aspect of the parts list, then he or she must have a licensed contractor physically inspect the job and verify the parts list.

For clarification on any of these policies, please email custserv@Viewrail.com

General Policies:

  • ViewrailTM is a custom manufacturer building parts just for you. Due to the custom nature of manufacturing, delays occasionally happen. ViewrailTM cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to delays. These costs include but are not limited to: installation costs, labor costs, rental costs, mortgage rate costs, certificate of occupancy costs.
  • ViewrailTM is not responsible for scheduling conflicts with contractors when an order is delayed. We recommend you wait until you have received your product before you schedule installers.
  • ViewrailTM is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any defects to wood such as, but not limited to, warping or cracking not finishing & installing the product within 1 week of receipt. We highly encourage our customers to check their product upon receipt and contact us within the 1 week with any issues as NO CLAIMS will be honored past that time frame.
  • Upon receipt of all LTL shipments, note any visible damage on the bill of lading & photograph visible damage. This step will allow us to handle a damaged goods claim with the carrier on your behalf. Please do not reject delivery. A damaged box doesn’t necessarily mean product is damaged.
  • The customer is ultimately responsible to ensure the accuracy of their order including but not limited to: sizes, quantities, profiles, hardware, wood species, metal types and any other material specifications. By placing your order, you release ViewrailTM from any liability if differences exist between your order and what you needed to order for your project.
  • ViewrailTM is not responsible for installation, installation delays, installation difficulties or injuries resulting from stair components or tools.
  • ViewrailTM is not responsible for ensuring the products we sell meet local code requirements. We recommend you check with your local code enforcement office prior to purchase.
  • ViewrailTM runs sales on various products from time to time. The sale prices are only good for the advertised dates and cannot be retroactively applied nor extended into the future.
  • We reserve the right to file a lien on the customer’s property in the event that we do not receive full payment within the time period indicated at the time of sale.
  • All wood parts are made from solid lumber (we don’t veneer). However, to get to the appropriate thickness or depth, we do edge or face glue most parts (this is standard & required to build quality stair parts). While we do our best to color & grain match, wood is a natural product and it is likely there will be some grain & color variation.
  • Wood is a natural material and can vary greatly from one board to another. Therefore, while we guarantee if you order Brazilian Cherry parts, we will make your parts out of Brazilian Cherry lumber, we can’t guarantee the color & grain will be entirely uniform and your parts won’t necessarily match samples you have received from us. Unfortunately, this is the nature of lumber.
  • By supplying ViewrailTM with your contact information, including but not limited to email address, physical address, and phone number, you acknowledge that ViewrailTM has the right to contact you through any of these mediums for any reason. ViewrailTM will never give away or sell your contact information.


  • Free Shipping on orders over $999 to the contiguous United States. Free shipping only applies up to 10% of the order total and can only be used towards standard-rate shipping (express shipping is available for an additional fee). If the shipping cost is more than 10% of the order total you will be asked to pay the remainder (For example a $2000 order will receive $200 worth of shipping credit, if the shipping is $250, you will be asked to pay $50).
  • Orders under $999 are charged standard shipping rates.
  • ViewrailTM orders are shipped with common carriers at our discretion. Items exceeding 8 feet in length will be shipped with an LTL truck carrier.
  • All non-LTL ground shipments are sent “No Signature Required” (unless otherwise requested). Therefore, tracking results are considered a valid proof of delivery.
  • If you change the delivery address of your shipment after it has been picked up from our dock, you will be charged a reconsignment fee (we charge you what the shipping company charges us), the fee starts at $120.
  • All LTL shipments require someone to be present at the delivery site to accept the product (the LTL company will call to schedule a delivery). The LTL driver is responsible for getting the product to the back of the truck only. It is the receiver’s responsibility to get product off the truck. You may purchase liftgate service on LTL shipments for $35.00. In this case, your order will be lowered from the truck to ground level for you. ViewrailTM is not responsible for recommending lift gate service, as we don’t know your specific receiving situation.
  • Upon receipt of all LTL shipments, note any visible damage on the bill of lading & photograph visible damage. This step will allow us to handle a damaged goods claim with the carrier on your behalf. Please do not reject delivery. A damaged box doesn’t necessarily mean product is damaged.
  • When your shipment leaves our dock, you will receive notice of shipment as well as carrier information and a tracking number. ViewrailTM is not responsible for time in transit or any guarantees made by shipping companies, including expedited shipping methods.

Ship dates:

  • As a custom manufacturer, occasionally issues occur in production which require either part, or sometimes all, of your order to be reproduced, resulting in shipping delays.
  • We make every effort to be on time, but at ViewrailTM our number one goal is quality. We prefer to send you amazing parts late than poor quality parts on time.
  • ViewrailTM cannot be responsible for any additional costs (labor costs, rental costs, mortgage rate costs, certificate of occupancy costs, etc.) due to delays in manufacturing or shipping.


It is our objective to get you beautiful and unscathed stair parts in a timely manner. Unfortunately, accidents do occur in shipping and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you to process a damaged goods claim with ViewrailTM. Please follow these steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Please count all parcels in the shipment, ensuring it matches the count of parcels shipped from our facility. Reference the email you received notifying you of shipment. If you receive fewer boxes than stated on the shipping documents, please have the driver note it on the bill of lading. Please do not refuse shipment if you are missing a package/parcel.
  • Check all packages for signs of visible damage. Note any visible damage on the driver’s bill of lading and photograph any visible damage.
  • Email pictures of damaged packaging and/or product to custserv@Viewrail.com within 1 week of receipt of shipment. Please send a close-up and far away picture of each problem. A customer support representative will contact you within one business day.
  • Please remember to keep all packaging. Shipping companies require this step to investigate damaged goods claims.
  • Any damage claims filed after 1 week will not be considered for remake/reshipment.
  • If a damaged goods claim is approved, Viewrail will only reimburse or replace the damaged materials in question. Viewrail is not responsible for any labor costs associated with replacing those parts.

Wood Defects:

  • All lumber, domestic and exotic, is Kiln dried as oppose to air dried to minimize cracking and warping.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their wood stair parts are placed in a climate-controlled environment immediately upon receipt.
  • All wood products purchased through ViewrailTM should be finished and installed as soon as possible. Sealing the wood – most importantly the end grain – with a stain and clear finish greatly reduces the risk for moisture to enter or leave the wood, both of which are contributing factors to wood cracks and warping.


  • ViewrailTM strives to correctly ship everything you have ordered as economically as possible. If you feel you are missing something, please thoroughly inspect all boxes, as we frequently put small items inside large boxes with larger items.
  • Please track your shipment online to see if one or more of your boxes have not been delivered yet.
  • In the event we did short ship you, please contact us within 1 week of receiving your product – we will gladly assist you in getting replacements sent out.
  • No replacements will be sent out if you did not inform us of the shortage within 1 week of receiving your product.


A return goods authorization (RGA) must first be requested from ViewrailTM to process a return. Click here to obtain an RGA # or call customer support. Returns without an RGA # will be refused delivery and returned to you.

Wood Returns:

  • All wood parts are custom manufactured. We do not accept returns on wood stair parts.

Cable Rail Returns:

Most cable rail components are returnable, with some excluded items.

  • ViewrailTM does not accept returns on ANY opened spools of cable.
  • Loose fittings are returnable (including loose fittings from non-returnable kits).
  • All standard configuration Brushed Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Black posts are returnable. Custom post configurations & other colors & finishes are non-returnable.
  • All returns are assessed a 15% restocking fee (we must inspect & repackage the product). No credit will be given for freight or handling charges and you are responsible for return shipping costs.
  • Products must be in sellable condition. If an item is damaged no credit will be given.
  • Please be sure to package product in such a way that it will not be damaged in transit back to us. We dispose of any damaged products.
  • No returns will be accepted after 60 days from time of shipment.

Wood Cancellations:

  • No cancellations of wood products will be accepted after your order has been placed.

Metal Rail Cancellations:

  • No cancellations are accepted on posts, components, or component kits after production on the order begins: 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time the next business day.

Hardware Cancellations:

  • Cancellations of stock items are allowed any time prior to shipping.


  • Because we are a custom manufacturer, your payment must be processed at the time of order (as opposed to the time of shipping) for production to begin.

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