Why Choose Interior Glass Railing?

Interior glass railing is a stylish, modern railing solution for your home. It provides a safe, sturdy barrier without sacrificing an open concept. When placed on an indoor staircase or balcony, glass railing not only adds to the safety of your home, it makes your staircase and railing an essential part of your home’s design and style.

Floating Stair with Borderless glass railing, New York
With multiple mounting styles and a custom engineered railing system, interior glass railing can be tailored to your structural needs as well as your personal style. Adding glass railing to your home will pull your staircase or balcony into the spotlight, making it a statement piece and focal point. Want more information learn about glass railing cost!

Glass Railing Railing Tailored to Your Interior Design

Interior Glass Railing on stairs
Viewrail Premium Glass Railing is designed to fit your home. We offer a mounting style for every taste. From the boldest styles, to the most understated, Viewrail can help you create an interior glass railing you’ll be eager to show off. Glass Railing Posts create a framed look for your glass. With these posts, the otherwise blank space between your glass panels plays a specific role in the design and overall look of your railing. Glass Clips hold your panels in place on our signature 2×2 metal posts, or even a wooden post.

With Glass Railing Posts and Glass Clips, your railing will take on a unique, mixed-material look, sure to become a stylistic focal point in your home.

Frameless Glass Railing

Maybe you don’t want to draw attention to the space between your panels. If that’s the case, Viewrail offers several frameless glass options for a more minimalist approach to modern railing. The first of these options, Base Rail, allows your glass to be the focus of your railing while adding a robust, sturdy complement piece to it. Base Rail’s robust look provides an elegant contrast to the otherwise sleek style of glass railing panels. For the homeowner seeking a sturdy and stylish look, Base Rail is the ideal solution.

Love the open, frameless look, but seeking something more understated? Talon Spigots offer an easy-to-install, sleek solution. Like Base Rail, Talon Spigots hold the glass in place from the bottom of the panel. Unlike Base Rail, Talon Spigots provide a more open, airy feeling to your glass railing, while still providing a sturdy look. Talon Spigots give your railing a strong appearance without drawing attention to themselves.

Standoff Pins are the ultimate mounting style for a minimalist glass railing. These 2” diameter pins are mounted to the side of your balcony or staircase and allow the glass to really stand out. The size and mounting style of Standoff Pins give you the opportunity to create a truly minimalist statement piece for your home. Since they’re mounted to the side of your steps or balcony, they won’t interfere with the flow of your home.


Safety and Elegance

Besides providing a modern, elegant railing, Viewrail Premium Glass Railing is a safe, sturdy addition to your home. TiltLock Technology gives you control when it comes to positioning your glass panels. Viewrail offers both tempered and laminated glass for your interior glass railing project. Both of these options keep your panels from shattering into sharp pieces, ensuring your railing is both stylish and safe.


Your Next Step

Excited to add an interior glass railing to your home, but unsure what to do next? Give us a call at (866) 261-8013, our sales representatives are ready to help you create an elegant, modern railing.